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This is the sole central town of Aqua Road. Unlike the surrounding waters, this town specially does not require Maplers to be having breathing apparatuses to survive. Within this town a zoo is present, linking to a town hall. Players can come here by either going down Orbis Tower from Orbis, or jumping into a well located in Korean Folk Town.


AquaRoad icon Aquarium
Aquarium mini
Continent Ossyria / Aqua Road Area Aquarium
Street Aquarium Return Map Aquarium
NPC Dolphin, Etran's Information Board, Nana(K), Duey, Pigmi the Summoner, Ice Piece, Dimensional Mirror, Lea, Hooper, Taxi, Maximus, Monster Park Shuttle, Maple Admin, Ms. Appropriation, Conor, Big Headward, Plastic Roy, Neville
Monsters None
Reactors None
Portals Forked Road : West Sea, Forked Road : East Sea, The Center Hall, General Store, Zoo, Free Market Entrance, Ardentmill
Notes Maplers are able to float freely in this map.
This map is required to obtain the Undersea Explorer title.
Availability of Aquarium
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Europe Indonesia
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Unavailable

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GrandisMirror World

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