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Ariant is built around an oasis in the heat of the desert. Themed after an Arabic town, players can get here via a genie ride from Orbis. High levels of unequal distribution of wealth is present, where the Queen is extremely rich, whilst the citizens are living in poverty. There is a group of bandits whose aim is to get the riches from her Palace and give them to the poor. The path outside town revolves around it, so exiting town from one side will lead one back to town on the opposite side.


Ariant icon Ariant
Ariant mini
Region Ossyria / Nihal Desert Area Ariant
Street The Burning Road Return Map Ariant
NPC Cesar, Duey, Ahmad, Zaid, Jasmin, SagaT, Shati, Mazra, Lila, Vard, Aldin, Matilda, Cassandra, Maple Administrator, Dimensional Mirror, Lea, Monster Park Shuttle, Camel Cab, Maximus, Trashed Hair, Maple Admin, Taxi, Conor, Ms. Appropriation, 윈드, 스파크, 빅 헤드워드, 플라스틱 로이, 네벨
Monsters None
Reactors None
Portals Ardentmill, Ariant Castle, Outside East Entrance of Ariant, Outside North Entrance of Ariant, Free Market Entrance, Outside the West Entrance of Ariant, Ariant Station Platform, The Town of Ariant
Notes This map is required to obtain the Nihal Desert Explorer title.
Availability of Ariant
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Europe
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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