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For the update, see MapleStory: ARK.

Ark is a member of the High Flora race. He is a Pirate-type class who uses a Knuckle as a primary weapon and Abyssal Pass as a secondary weapon.


Early Military Years

Prior to the story, Ark was a military student under the service of the High Flora military and Gerand Darmoor. During his time in the academy, he befriend Albert. Both graduated from the academy and Ark was promoted to second lieutenant.


However, after countless wars, Ark realizes the flaws within the race and military, peace being an excuse for war. Limbo, one of the members of the High Flora turns him into a spectre as punishemt for betrayal. In the process, Ark's soul was almost consumed. Albert also betrays Ark due to contradicting beliefs.


Availability of Ark
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Thailand
Available Unavailable July 4 June 27 Available July 4 Unavailable
Job and Skills

Class Beginner Novice Skill Macro Test Manager Skill Macro Test Operator Skill Banner of Plenty Guild Skills Skill Monster Riding Mount Skills


Class Warrior Warrior Class Magician Magician Class Bowman Bowman Class Thief Thief Class Dual Blade Dual Blade Class Pirate Pirate Class Cannoneer Cannoneer
Class Dragon Warrior Zen Class Jett Jett

Cygnus Knights

Class Warrior Dawn Warrior Class Magician Blaze Wizard Class Bowman Wind Archer Class Thief Night Walker Class Pirate Thunder Breaker
Class Mihile Mihile


Class Aran Aran Class Evan Evan Class Mercedes Mercedes Class Phantom Phantom Class Luminous Luminous Class Shade Shade


Class Blaster Blaster Class Battle Mage Battle Mage Class Wild Hunter Wild Hunter Class Mechanic Mechanic Class Demon Slayer Demon Class Xenon Xenon


Class Kaiser Kaiser Class Cadena Cadena Class Angelic Angelic Buster


Class Hayato Hayato Class Kanna Kanna

Child of God

Class Zero Zero


Skill Pink Powerhouse Pink Bean

Beast Tamer

Class Beast Tamer Chase


Class Kinesis Kinesis


Class Illium Illium File:Class Ark.png Ark

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