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Ark is a member of the High Flora race. He is a Pirate-type class who uses a Knuckle as a primary weapon and Abyssal Path as a secondary weapon.


Early Military Years

Prior to the story, Ark was a military student under the service of the High Flora military and Gerand Darmoor. During his time in the academy, he befriended Albaire. Both graduated from the academy and Ark was promoted to second lieutenant. Him and Albaire both promised to protect each other, no matter what had happened.


However, after countless wars, Ark realizes the flaws within the race and military. He realized that the High Flora was massacring various races in Grandis, peace being an excuse for war. Disgusted by this fact, he spoke up against it to General Brigadier Limbo. Limbo, previously suspecting Ark of betrayal, for his hesitation in the last battle, captures him and makes him the subject of a Spectre ritual as punishment for his confirmed betrayal. Ark's soul was almost consumed, but Albaire interrupts the ritual, keeping true to their promise to "always protect each other". Ark passed out shortly after, falling into a deep slumber.


After a few hundred years, Ark comes to on the planet of Verdel, not remembering anything about his past, and having the arm of a Specter. A passerby caravan captures and ties him up, mistaking him for a monster. Ark tells them who he is and tries to assure them that he isn't an enemy, but the entire caravan argues about whether to believe him or not. When it appeared that he was untrusted, the caravan is attacked by a group of spectres. The nervous leader of the caravan, Zippy, unties him and after they escape, he notices that Mar is missing. Seeing a chance to earn the caravan's trust, Ark goes back to rescue Mar. However, after fighting a few waves of spectres, a dark and powerful energy consumed Ark, causing him to destroy a bunch of spectres and making him pass out shortly.

Escaping Verdel

Recovering from his spectre attack a few days later, Ark eventually helped the caravan in its survival as he wanted off the planet as badly as they did. He later followed Mar out of the shelter to keep an eye on him, and had granted Mar's request to retrieve some shiny stones. Mar eventually showed Ark a small crystal-like shrine. Seeing this object triggered a lost memory in Ark, causing him to remember that he and Albaire were needed in the High Flora's western war front base.

After getting over this, Ark reported to Zippy that the shrine they found was actually an airship, and could be used to get off the planet if they found its power sources. Immediately forming a search party consisting of Ark, Ferret, Salvo, and two other caravaners to search for the sources.

Finding all three, the group notice that they are under attack by more spectres. Ark has Ferret split up from the group to get the power sources back to the caravan while the others buy time. After a long battle, the dark energy inside him overtakes Ark once more. The powerful aura reveals itself as a spectre to Ark, promising its own power to save his friends. Ark accepts it, but tells the spectre that he can make the decisions, not the spectre itself.

Using his skills and the spectre's power, Ark manages to buy even more time, but then out of nowhere, Albaire surprisingly attacks Ark from out of nowhere. Albaire told Ark that he hoped saving him would make him be grateful and return to the High Floras, but seeing Ark help out the barbarians he has pitied changed his mind and that it wouldn't matter anymore. Ark tells of his loathing the Flora ways and attacks Albaire, promising to protect his new friends, but was easily defeated by Albaire and left behind. Ark suffers more flashbacks and eventually passes out from his injuries.

Arriving in the Savage Terminal

Awaking once again, he finds himself with the caravan in the Savage Terminal, making him realize they've escaped the desert wasteland. After resting up a bit, he helps the caravan supply up once again. Ark tells them he has to search for more lost memories and parts with them on good terms, receiving a communication device to get in contact with either Zippy, Ferret, Salvo, or Mar after a while.

While searching for more answers, he finds Coney getting attacked by a few gangsters, but he defends Coney and chases them away. After asking about the Grandis War and High Flora, Cadena shows up, sensing the specter energy inside of Ark and almost attacks him, and Coney calms her down after saying Ark saved her. Ark was told about the ongoing war between the Nova and Magnus in Pantheon and Heliseum in their conversation, and heads there.

Transporting to Maple World

Arriving in Pantheon, Ark finds himself extremely weakened and passes out, being found by Kyle, the current Kaiser. After being dragged out of the barrier protecting the Nova town, the Nova council realize that he is a half spectre and was weakened by the barrier, but learned that Magnus had nothing to do with him. Beldar is distrustful however, after Ark reveals he is a former High Flora soldier turned traitor. Kaiser and Cartalion manage to calm him down, but Beldar swears to keep an eye on him and leaves. After asking a few questions, Ark is told by Kaiser to go to the Interdimensional Dimension Portal and travel to Maple World. Believing he can find more info on the Floras, Ark travels there and ends up in the Six-Path Crossway, being pointed to Henesys by Irwin. Heading there, Ark speaks to Chief Stan. The chief explains what Maple world looks like to Ark and then directs him to Athena Pierce. Ark talks to Athena Pierce and she tells him that he looks like he likes to help others so she tells him to go to Pilot Irvin to get a plane ride to Gold Beach.



  • Ark is one of two playable characters to have heterochromia. The other being Luminous. Interestingly, his Flora/Specter modes are similar to Luminous' Light/Dark system (but acts like Kaiser's morph gauge)
  • Ark is the tenth class who is not a human, succeeding Mercedes, the Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Xenon, Zero, Beast Tamer, Cadena, and Illium.
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