Bavan is a Black Wings watchman in charge of Edelstein. He is selfish, greedy, and gluttonous. Although he does make sure the other watchmen are doing their jobs, he makes them do his work for them as well, claiming "I'm just too busy to handle trivial things like that." He is constantly eating what appears to be pocky in the game, and he steals the food out of a care package meant for Gabrielle, the former council president's daughter.

NPC Bavan
Function Black Wing Watchman
Quests involved Meet Hiver 1, Meet Hiver 2, Into the Mine, Surl's Request, Their Identity, Watchman Bavan's Request, Maybe They Will Pass It On, Rebellious Movement, Eliminating the Rebels, Bavan the Watchman, The Outsider
Location Edelstein

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