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BlackDragon icon Burning Forest 2
Burning Forest 2 (2) mini
Continent Victoria Island Area Rien
Street Black Road Return Map Dead End Forest
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? Flying?
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Star Force None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs None Monsters None
Portals Burning Forest 1, Burning Forest 3
Previous Map Burning Forest 3 Next Map Burning Forest 1
Notes None
Maple Island

Coco Island

Victoria Island

SleepywoodRoot AbyssNautilusEreveRienLumiere


El Nath Mts.Ludus LakeAqua RoadMinar ForestMu Lung GardenNihal DesertTemple of Time



World Tour

ZipanguThe Far East (China)MasteriaSEA (Singapore, Malaysia) • TaiwanThailand

Other Worlds

WorldMap Grandis Grandis WorldMap Mirror World Mirror World WorldMap Shinsoo International School FriendStory

Henesys icon Henesys Farm icon Farm
Theme Dungeon Flowervioleta icon Mushroom Castle*
Ellinia icon Ellinia Eurel icon Elluel WizardSociety icon East Forest
Theme Dungeon FairyAcademy icon Ellinel Fairy Academy*
Perion icon Perion
Kerning City
KerningCity icon Kerning City SecretFlower icon The Secret Garden*
Theme Dungeon KerningTower icon Kerning Tower*
Lith Harbor
Rith icon Lith Harbor SixPath icon Six Path Crossway
Dungeon icon Sleepywood* Rootabyss icon Root Abyss* FallenWorldTree icon Dark World Tree*
Nautilus icon Nautilus*
Theme Dungeon GoldBeach icon Gold Beach*
Near Victoria
Ereb icon Ereve* Rien icon Rien* CristalGarden icon Lumiere*
Theme Dungeon GlacierExplorer icon Riena Strait*
*World Map available
Tutorial Maps
MushroomVillage iconExplorers Ereb iconCygnus Knights Quest iconMihile BlackDragon iconAran DragonDream iconEvan CristalGarden iconPhantom CocoIsland iconCannoneer
SecretFlower iconDual Blade YuYuanCN iconDragon Warrior None iconJett None iconHayato None iconKanna

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