Cash Shop

A blank Cash Shop. This is the layout it had before RED.

Cash ShopGL

Post RED Cash shop, with prototype elements.

The Cash Shop is a function where players are able to buy in-game items with real money.

The Cash Shop sells a variety of unique items that characters that have many different uses. Players can buy clothes that mask over their equipment, such as overalls, shirts, pants, skirts, weapons, gloves, rings, shields, capes, and hats, and "transparent" equipment, allowing players to keep the stats of an item while making it invisible. Other items sold include special effects, wedding tickets, store coupons, pets, and plenty of other useful items. Most of the items in the Cash Shop are only temporary, and will expire after a certain amount of time (usually 90 days).

NX Cash can be purchased using real money at department and convenience stores, or with a credit card. As MapleStory is a free game, the Cash Shop is Nexon's primary source of income from the game. Despite this, the Cash Shop remains completely optional, and it is possible to enjoy MapleStory without using the Cash Shop.

In MapleStory: RED, the Cash Shop received an overhaul in it's interface to be larger than the previous 800 x 600 screen that re-sized with larger game screens, as Wizet began making MapleStory able to make the resolution larger.


Nexon Cash

  • Karma Koin: Karma Koin cards are gift cards available in the gift card section at many retailers. On the back cover of Karma Koin cards you will find a silver bar. Scratch off the silver bar, with your fingertips or a coin, and you will find a PIN code that you can charge to your Nexon account in exchange for NX. Previously these were known as Nexon Game Cards. Nexon Game Cards can still be redeemed however should one still happen to have any.
  • Credit Cards: NX can be bought from your Nexon account with a Credit Card. Supported examples are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Online Payment Service: Nexon accepts PayPal, Xsolla, and PaySafeCard.

Maple Points are only handed out in rare instances, such as events or as compensation for technical difficulties (I.e. Urgent Server Maintenance or Server Breakdown). Sometimes Cash Items can be refunded, although usually its expiration date will be extended.

Reward Points are earned by hunting bosses, reaching a certain level (once per account), certain events, and purchasing items in the Cash Shop with Nexon Cash. Reward Points can be used in the Maple Rewards Shop to purchase items without the need of Nexon Cash. It can also be used to apply a discount to certain Cash Shop purchases with Nexon Cash. A list of bosses that give Reward Points is found below:

Boss Reward Points
Furious Targa
Furious Scarlion Boss
Emperor Toad
Lord Pirate
Dragon Rider
Galacto-Drill 10
Mole King 20
Captain Darkgoo 20
Magnus 20
The Boss 20
Demolishizer 30
Black Viking 30
Ephenia 30
Targa and Scarboss 30
King Castle Golem 30
(Rare) Perfect Visitor 30
Von Leon 40
Tarantulus 40
Ferocious Grosso Polpo 40
Brawny Livyatan 40
Rex 40
Prison Guard Ani 50
Zakum 50
Hilla 50
Von Bon 50
Pierre 50
Crimson Queen 50
Mori Ranmaru 50
Vellum 50
Magnus 50
Cygnus 50
Gollux: Head 50
Horntail 50
Chaos Horntail 50
Arkarium 50
Pink Bean 50
Chaos Zakum 50
Silver-Haired Hilla 50
Chaos Pink Bean 50
Cygnus 50
Chaos Pierre 50
Chaos Von Bon 50
Magnus 50
Chaos Crimson Queen 50
Chaos Vellum 50
Chaos Pink Bean 50
Mori Ranmaru 50


Almost everything except for apparel items cannot be purchased from Cash Shop unless the character you are purchasing from is level 60 or over. This is to motivate players to not waste money on something that they would potentially waste over time.

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