There are several Party Quests which can be attempted individually or a party. Party Quests provide players with EXP and rewards, including pieces of equipment with good stats and set effects. Below is a list of Party Quests which are available in MapleStory, sorted by Level requirements in ascending order.

Cross World Party Quests

Some party quests can only be played through the Cross World Party Quest system, which allows 4 players from any world to come together and face party quests exclusive to this system. This unlocks at level 70, and so all Cross World Party Quests have a level requirement of 70. There is only one specific party quest that can be played at one time, which rotates every two weeks. There is a limit of 5 Cross World Party Quests that can be played every day.

Upon entering a Cross World Party Quests, Spiegelette will take the player's items for safe keeping and give free potions for the player to use for the duration of the party quest.

Upon completion of the Cross World Party Quest, the player will receive points which can be used to buy party quests equipment from the NPC Pub.

Below is a list of Party Quests which are only available through Cross World Party Quest.

Party Quests

Tangyoon icon Cooking with Tangyoon RomioJuliet icon Romeo and Juliet Pyramid icon Nett's Pyramid Krease icon Xerxes in Chryse
AbandonTower icon Dimensional Crack DevijonParty icon Lord Pirate FadedCitadel icon Tynerum Altar PrisonBreak icon Escape
Pantheon icon Dimension Invasion Dragonrider icon Dragon Rider KentaInDanger icon Kenta in Danger Lex icon Resurrection of the Hoblin King

Constant Level

Wedding icon Amorian Challenge FadedCitadel icon Crimsonwood Keep VisitorOSSS icon Alien Visitor ChewChew icon Hungry Muto

Cross World

MoonRabbitParty icon Moon Bunny's Rice Cake KerningParty icon First Time Together EilnForest icon Forest of Poison Haze
GoddessTower icon Remnant of the Goddess

Solo Only

MuruengRaid icon Mu Lung Dojo Lacheln icon Dream Defender

Similar Dungeons

AquarisTower icon Tower of Oz


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