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Star Planet was an area where players who are Level 33 and above can play a variety of mini-games such as Star Monsteropoly or Star Game of Yut to earn Star Points that improve their Star Grade.

Star Planet was a shared server where any player from any world can play together in Star Planet.

While in Star Planet, certain features, skills, and inventory menus (USE and ETC tab) may not be available. Players can use the Star Planet Limousine or the elevators to travel between the Central Plaza and the Star Arena Street.

As of 2016, Star Planet has been removed from all regions, mostly duo to lack of participation and mistreatment of illegitimate players.

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Star Planet
Availability of Star Planet
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Thailand
Removed Removed Removed Removed Removed Removed Unavailable
Star Planet
Entrance Area

Star Planet Lobby

Town Area

Central PlazaWest EntranceMain EntranceEast EntranceWest AvenueEast Avenue
Star Arena StreetLuxury Goods DepartmentStar Arena Floor 1Star Arena Floor 2

Game Area

Go Go Mesoranger!Star OmokGame of Yut ArenaOne Card ArenaMonsteropoly Arena
Rock-Paper-Scissors ArenaTyping Defense ArenaBattle GroundPractice Battleground

Exit Area

Game CenterGame of Yut ExitOne Card ExitStar Monsteropoly Exit
Rock-Paper-Scissors ExitTyping Defense ExitDefense ExitThe Legends Return! Exit

GM Area


Other Worlds

Maple WorldGrandisMirror World