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Claudine is the leader of the Resistance. She works as a doctor by day and guides the Resistance by night. As such she is responsible for recruiting Battle Mages, Wild Hunters, and Mechanics, allowing the Demon to help fight the Black Wings, instructing her savior from the Black Wings, Xenon, and in general missions the Resistance coordinates. She also gives every player the first quest for the Evolution System line.

Claudine was friends with Xenon when the two were just kids, but Xenon was kidnapped by the Black Wings to be tested on. Claudine joined the Resistance when she grew older, and while breaking into Gelimer's Lab, she was captured. Xenon found Claudine and was confused; His memories started coming back to him, and he set Claudine free.

Appearently she is a Thief job instructor, as revealed in dialog with Elex. Although there is no official job in the Resistance that plays in with Thief. (She eventually does use a Thief-like skill once during Black Heaven, using her whip as a grapple to pull a lever.)

In the nightmarish future scenario envisioned in Gate to the Future, Claudine betrays the Alliance, oppressing the citizens of Twilight Perion and forcing them to build a statue of the Black Mage, in effect becoming what she once hated.

NPC Claudine (2)
Function Resistance Instructor
Quests involved Endangered Mushking Empire, In Search of the Lost Memories, Mysterious Invitation, Special Training Emergency Roundup, Special Training Emergency Roundup, Special Training Emergency Roundup, Find the missing Job Instructor, Find the missing Job Instructor, Find the missing Job Instructor, The First Mission, The First Mission, The First Mission, Eliminate the Patrol Robot, Sending a Warning, Basics of Being Part of the Resistance: Transformation and Camouflage, Awakened Test Subject, Request of the Test Subject 1, Request of the Test Subject 3, The Second Mission, Abuses of the Black Wings, Delivering the Test Subject's Medicine, The Third Mission, Spy or Victim?, An Unsettling Discovery, Truth and Lies, In Search of an Antidote, Decline, Vita's Disappearance, Gelimer's Trap, I Repent!, Their Purpose, Black Wing Master, Time To Make a Decision, The Resistance and You, Black Wing Spy!, Joining the Resistance, The First Mission, Darkness on Our Side, The Outside World, Warrior Instructor, Elex, Continental Conference, Reason Behind Her Busy Schedule, Demon Reborn
Location Secret Plaza, Secret Square, Secret Square

NPC Claudine
Function Doctor
Quests involved The Resistance's Invitation, Gesture of Good Will, Claudine, Lady of Mystery, Request from a Doctor, Big Sister's Birthday Party 2, Finding the Runaway Girl, A Gift For Sis, I Need Some Fresh Air, Finding an Oxygen Respirator, The Unexpected Problem, Medicine for Cutie
Location Edelstein

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