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The Crusader Codex is given to every character when they are first made. It is a one of a kind item that cannot be un-equipped, cannot be sold, cannot be dropped, cannot be given potential, and cannot be traded. While hunting monsters around Maple World, they will have a chance of dropping a Monster Card when defeated. If you pick up that monster card, it will be added to your Crusader Codex automatically and you can then go and look up information about that monster whenever you wish.

As you collect more and more cards, you will start to fill up Monster Card Sets within the Codex. Each set can give the Codex bonus stats that will apply to your character, but only the bonuses of one set at a time may be used. As you complete a set, it will give your Codex some experience, and with enough experience your Codex can level up with your character, providing higher stat bonuses.

The other main function of the Crusader Codex is to store your monster familiar cards. Mobs have a rare chance to drop familiar cards upon dying, and if you pick these up, you can use them to add them to your Codex. You can them summon that Familiar at any time to fight alongside you and give you buffs. While Bosses do have familiar cards, it is currently unknown if the cards drop from the bosses or if they are only obtainable through Familiar Booster Pack in the Cash Shop.

Crusader Codex
Eqp Crusader Codex
REQ Level 0
REQ Job Any
STR +1
DEX +1
INT +1
LUK +1
Number of Upgrades None
Tradeability Untradeable
Sold for Cannot be sold
  • Only one of this equipment may be in a player's possession at a time.
  • Only one of this equipment can be equipped at a time.


Picture and Name Monsters in Set Effects Codex Experience Player Experience
Victoria Island Friends Codex Set
Victoria Island Friends
Max HP: +5 10 65
Rien Friends Codex Set
Rien Friends
Max HP: +5 10 447
Edelstein Friends Codex Set
Edelstein Friends
Max HP: +5 10 328
Kerning City Codex Set
Kerning City
Octopus, Jr. Necki, Muddy Swamp Monster, Stirge, Ligator, Jr. Wraith, Wraith, Shade, Croco, Dyle, King Slime Avoidability: +2 30 1818
Kerning Square Codex Set
Kerning Square
Cherry Bubble Tea, Mango Bubble Tea, Melon Bubble Tea, Yeti Doll Claw Game, Jr. Pepe Doll Claw Game, Transformed Doll Claw Game, Blue Perfume, Yellow Perfume, Pink Perfume, Kid Mannequin, Female Mannequin, Male Mannequin, Latest Hits Compilation, Greatest Oldies, Cheap Amplifier, Fancy Amplifier, Spirit of Rock Avoidability: +2 50 6852
Ellinia Codex Set
Slime, Bubbling, Evil Eye, Surgeon Eye, Fairy, Royal Fairy, Lupin, Curse Eye, Cold Eye, Zombie Lupin, Faust, Malady Max MP: +5 40 1893
Sleepywood Codex Set
Copper Drake, Drake, Red Drake, Wild Kargo, Ice Drake, Dark Drake, Tauromacis, Taurospear, Jr. Balrog, Snack Bar, Balrog Weapon Attack: +1
Weapon Defense: +5
90 39333
Perion Codex Set
Stump, Dark Stump, Axe Stump, Ghost Stump, Smirking Ghost Stump, Dark Axe Stump, Wild Boar, Wooden Mask, Rocky Mask, Terrified Wild Boar, Fire Boar, Stumpy, Jr. Boogie, Iron Hog, Skeledog, Mummydog, Iron Boar, Skeleton Soldier, Officer Skeleton, Commander Skeleton Max HP: +5 40 2481
Henesys Codex Set
Green Mushroom, Orange Mushroom, Horny Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Crying Blue Mushroom, Zombie Mushroom, Annoyed Zombie Mushroom, Stone Golem, Dark Stone Golem, Mixed Golem, Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom, Blue Mushmom, Cynical Orange Mushroom Accuracy: +2 30 1339
Mushroom Castle Codex Set
Mushroom Castle
Renegade Spore, Poison Mushroom, Intoxicated Pig, Helmet Pepe, Royal Guard Pepe, Grey Yeti and King Pepe, White Yeti and King Pepe, Gold Yeti and King Pepe, Prime Minister Jump: +1 40 3453
Overlooked Villages Codex Set
Overlooked Villages
Snail, Blue Snail, Muru, Murupa, Murupia, Murumuru, Murukun, Shroom, Red Snail, Pig, Ribbon Pig, Blue Ribbon Pig, Mano, Lorang, Tortie, Clang, King Clang Speed: +1 50 4860
Edelstein Codex Set
Potted Sprout, Potted Morning Glory, Grape Juice Bottle, Patrol Robot, Strange Sign, Serpent, Water Thief Monster, Dust Box, Streetlight, Patrol Robot S, Safety First, Baby Boulder Muncher, Big Boulder Muncher Weapon Defense: +5 50 2136
Verne Mine Codex Set
Verne Mine
Guard Robot, Racoco, Big Spider, Cart Bear, Racaroni, Guard Robot L, Raco, Security System, Enhanced Security System, AF Android, Broken DF Android, Ore Muncher Weapon Defense: +5
Magic Defense: +5
55 80388
Nihal Dessert Codex Set
Nihal Dessert
Desert Rabbit (F), Desert Rabbit (M), Jr. Cactus, Cactus, Royal Cactus, Bellamoa, Ear Plug Plead, Scarf Plead, Meerkat, Sand Rat, Scorpion, Sand Dwarf, Kiyo, Dark Sand Dwarf, Deo, Desert Giant Max MP: +5
Magic Defense: +5
90 44478
Magatia Codex Set
Cube Slime, Rumo, Triple Rumo, Iron Mutae, Reinforced Iron Mutae, Mithril mutae, Reinforced Mithril Mutae, Roid, Neo Huroid, Rurumo, Homun, Saitie, Security Camera, D. Roy, Homunculus, Deet and Roi, Homunscullo, Chimera, Frankenroid INT: +2
Magic Attack: +1
110 86015
Ludibrium Codex Set
Trixter, Green Trixter, Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy, Ratz, Panda Teddy, Roloduck, Black Ratz, Helly, Tick, Retz, King Bloctopus, Bloctopus, Propelly, Planey, Toy Trojan, Chronos, Chirppy, Tweeter, Drumming Bunny, Rombot, Block Golem, King Block Golem, Robo, Master Robo, Tick-Tock, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos, Timer, Alishar Max HP: +10
Weapon Defense: +10
160 23071
Clocktower Bottom Floor Codex Set
Clocktower Bottom Floor
Buffy, Lazy Buffy, Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Buffoon, Deep Buffoon, Death Teddy, Master Death Teddy, Ghost Pirate, Dual Ghost Pirate, Klock, Dark Klock, Spirit Viking, Gigantic Spirit Viking, Phantom Watch, Grim Phantom Watch, Gatekeeper, Thanatos, Papulatus Max HP: +1%
Weapon Defense: +5
130 224666
Ellin Forest Codex Set
Ellin Forest
Mossy Snail, Tree Rod, Mossy Mushroom, Stone Bug, Primitive Boar, Super-Charged Poison Golem Max HP: +5
Weapon Defense: +5
90 36759
Aqua Road Codex Set
Aqua Road
Seacle, Cico, Krappy, Pinboom, Bubble Fish, Flower Fish, Krip, Scuba Pepe, Mask Fish, Jr. Seal, Seruf, Sparker, Freezer, Poopa, Poison Poopa, Goby, Bone Fish, Squid, Risell Squid, Shark, Cold Shark, Pianus Attack: +2%
Magic Defense: +10
240 114948
Orbis Codex Set
Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner, Jr. Grupin, Star Pixie, Dark Nependeath, Nependeath, Lunar Pixie, Luster Pixie, Cellion, Lioner, Grupin, Jr. Lucida, Lucida, Eliza, Papa Pixie Speed: +1
Jump: +1
60 14381
El Nath Codex Set
El Nath
Sentinel, Jr. Yeti, Hector, Dark Jr. Yeti, White Fang, Jr. Sentinel, Ice Sentinel, Fire Sentinel, Leatty, Dark Leatty, Jr. Pepe, Snow Witch, Pepe, Dark Pepe Weapon Attack: +1
DEX: +1
60 12330
Dead Mine Codex Set
Dead Mine
Flyeye, Jr. Cerebes, Firebomb, Coolie Zombie, Miner Zombie, Riche, Yeti, Dark Yeti, Cerebes, Yeti and Pepe, Werewolf, Lycanthrope, Dark Yeti and Pepe, Snowman, Zakum Attack: +2%
Magic Attack: +2
210 381269
Omega Sector and Korean Village Codex Set
Omega Sector and Korean Village
Barnard Gray, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Mateon, Plateon, Mecateon, Moon Bunny, Chief Gray, Hodori, Samiho, Hogul, MT-09, Scholar Ghost, Morphed Blin, Zeno, Yellow King Goblin, Blue King Goblin, Green King Goblin, Nine-Tailed Fox INT: +1
Max MP: +5
80 26378
Mu Lung Codex Set
Mu Lung
Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Blue Flower Serpent, Red Flower Serpent, Jar, Ginseng Jar, Master Dummy, Grizzly, Bellflower Root, Sr. Bellflower Root, Straw Target Dummy, Wooden Target Dummy, Reindeer, The Book Ghost, Panda, Mr. Alli, Peach Monkey, Kru, Sage Cat, Captain, Tae Roon, King Sage Cat, Lord Pirate, Mu Gong 2% chance to become invincible for 5 sec when hit
Enemy Defense Ignored: +15%
320 876608
Leafre Codex Set
Beetle, Dual Beetle, Hankie, Rash, Dark Rash, Hobi, Green Hobi, Harp, Blood Harp, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Birk, Dual Birk, Blue Dragon Turtle, Red Dragon Turtle, Rexton, Brexton, Green Cornian, Dark Cornian, Red Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Dark Wyvern, Manon, Griffey, Jr. Newtie, Nest Golem, Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Leviathan, Dragonoir, Dragon Rider, Horntail All Skill Levels: +1
Enemy Defense Ignored: +30%
680 1537475
Temple of Time Codex Set
Temple of Time
Eye of Time, Memory Monk, Memory Monk Trainee, Memory Guardian, Chief Memory Guardian, Qualm Monk, Qualm Monk Trainee, Qualm Guardian, Chief Qualm Guardian, Oblivion Monk, Oblivion Monk Trainee, Oblivion Guardian, Chief Oblivion Guardian, Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka, Pink Bean 3% chance to recover 20HP when attacking
3% chance to recover 20MP when attacking
285 3835136
Mushroom Shrine Codex Set
Mushroom Shrine
Crow, Fire Raccoon, Cloud Fox, Nightghost, Big Cloud Fox, Paper Lantern Ghost, Water Goblin, Dreamy Ghost, Black Crow, Blue Mushdad 15% chance to recover 40MP after defeating a monster
Magic Defense: +1%
240 131221
Sakura Castle Codex Set
Sakura Castle
Sakura Genin, Sakura Chunin, Sakura Jonin, Sakura Ninto, Sakura Samurai, Daimyo Toad Speed: +2
Jump: +2
190 3835136
Showa Village Codex Set
Showa Village
Bain, Extra A, Extra B, Extra C, Extra D, Leader A, Leader B, Male Boss A, Female Boss, Male Boss B, Bodyguard A, Bodyguard B, The Boss All Stats: +1
Avoidability: +1%
180 3275242
Silent Crusade Codex Set
Silent Crusade
Mano, Stumpy, Dyle, Faust, Lord Skeleton, King Clang, Pixiemom, Queen Pepe, Eliza, Toy Black Knight, Nine-Tailed Fox, Timer, Zeno, Deo, Rurumo, D. Roy, King Sage Cat, King Centipede, Master Hoblin, Master Harp, Master Birk, Kentaurus King, Coco All Stats: +1%
Enemy Defense Ignored: +15%
240 211,327
Hoblin King Codex Set
Hoblin King
Hoblin Hector, Elite Hoblin, Elite Green Hoblin, Combat Hoblin, Ferocious Hoblin, Rex All Stats: +1%
Enemy Defense Ignored: +15%
90 38,848
How to be Awesome Codex Set
How to be Awesome
90 181,137
Von Leon Codex Set
Von Leon
Attack: +1%
Damage: +1%
195 458,710
Henesys Ruins Codex Set
Henesys Ruins
Mutant Snail, Mutant Orange Mushroom, Mutant Slime, Mutant Ribbon Pig, Mutant Tino, Mutant Tiru, Mutant Tiguru, Dawn, Blaze, Wind, Night, Thunder, Official Knight A, Official Knight B, Official Knight C, Official Knight D, Official Knight E, Advanced Knight A, Advanced Knight B, Advanced Knight C, Advanced Knight D, Advanced Knight E, Mihile, Oz, Irena, Eckhart, Hawkeye, Cygnus Attack: +3%
Magic: +3%
600 46,856,390


  • The Crusader Codex is one of the most frequently broken parts of GMS
  • There was a memory buffer overflow error in 2015 that allowed players to gain massive, illegit stat boosts from their Crusader Codex. Some players were able to obtain 300+% Boss damage and total damage, and abused this glitch to take down bosses that they would otherwise be unable to fight
  • Not every codex set is currently available to obtain due to some areas of the game being removed or revamped after the codex was implemented in the game. However, they are all still listed in the Codex.
  • Although the Max level of the Codex is 10, currently in GMS there only exists enough Sets to get the Codex to a max level of 8
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