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Dawn Warrior

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Dawn Warrior F

With their massive strength and powerful physique, Dawn Warriors (Soul Master) vanquish the enemy in close proximity. They are accompanied by Sol, the spirit of light, especially in combat. Only those equipped with a burning heart, sharp eyes, an even sharper blade, and undying loyalty to the empress are qualified to become a Dawn Warrior.

Dawn Warriors can be considered a mixture of classes, though they're not as powerful. They have skills that are similar to all three factions of the Warrior class. A normal warrior wouldn't get Soul Rush, a skill which is similar to a Night Lord's Flash Jump, but not completely, as soul jump can only be performed while on the ground. It's also like a magician during 3rd job, it can gain access to MP Recovery, and also have an elemental attribute (Holy). The Soul Master is especially similar to a hero: it has Advanced Combo, Brandish, and Rage. The max level for a Soul Master is level 120.

Job Advancements

First Job

At level 10, players have the opportunity to become a Dawn Warrior. They must speak to the tactician Neinheart in Ereve. Afterwards, just speak to Mihile on the left part of the same map and he will advance you to a Dawn Warrior.

Second Job

Talk to Neinheart, then, defeat Puppeteer. You will then advance by talking to Neinheart. This is obtained at Level 30.

Third Job

Talk to Neinheart, then, defeat Master of Disguise. Then, talk to Neinheart to advance. This is obtained at Level 60.

Fourth Job

Talk to Neinheart, then, defeat Black Witch. Then, talk to Neinheart to advance. This is obtained at Level 100. The player will then have a choice to be an Ultimate Explorer, which is identical to Explorers, except the player starts at Level 50 rather than 1, and you start at the 2nd Job Advancement. If the player chooses no, the player is still a Cygnus Knight, and the level is not affected. If you choose either no or yes, you can't undo it. So choose wisely. But the player will have to defeat Manon and Griffey first, as for most classes.


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