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Edelstein is a town taken over by the Black Wings, set near the mines. Despite the new rule, citizens have secretly rebelled and formed the Resistance to counterattack the Black Wings. Players can come here via an airship from Victoria Tree Platform or from Orbis.


Edelstein icon Edelstein
Edelstein mini
Continent Edelstein Area Edelstein
Street Black Wing Territory Return Map Edelstein
NPC Ferdi, Elex, Brighton, Belle, Claudine, Checky, Albert, Anthony, Jun, Ulrika, Surl, Emily, Smartie, Cutie, Mysterie, Fattie, Bavan, Leonore, Wonny, Cassandra, Maple Administrator, Matilda, Duey, Trunkie, Bonjasky, Carol, Mel Nomie, Taxi, Edelstein Message Board, Wendelline, Botoxie, Dimensional Mirror, Grandpa Moon Bunny, Monster Park Shuttle, Bastille, Maximus, Inkwell, Maple Admin, Taxi, Conor, Ms. Appropriation, Spark, Gale, Big Headward, Plastic Roy, 네벨, 데호스, 월묘 도령, 마법의 절구와 월묘, 스파크, 윈드, 크리스마스 트리, 돌려 돌려 돌림판, 럭키 몬스터리, 레베카
Monsters None
Reactors Edelstein Fruit Trees
Portals Edelstein Park, Edelstein Strolling Path, Edelstein City Hall, Free Market Entrance, Mansion / Guarded Mansion, Edelstein Temporary Airport / Danger! Makeshift Airport, Edelstein Hair Salon / Shady Hair Salon, Surl's Water Cellar, Ardentmill, Secret Plaza
Notes Apart from the Resistance which has their own quest story on this place, all other classes go through a different quest story, exceptionally the Knights of Cygnus who go through a special quest story highlighting the history between the KOC and the Resistance.


"Edelstein" means "gemstone" in the German language.

Availability of Edelstein
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Europe Indonesia
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Unavailable

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