Elex is a kindergarten teacher in Edelstein. At night he is a trainer for the Resistance. He is the Warrior job instructor, specifically for Blaster. He has a crush on Leonore, and comes up with many ways to try to impress her, through cooking Serpents and giving her Dahlia flowers. He says this is worse than Romeo and Juliet since she is a Black Wings member and he is a civilian/resistance member. He even goes as far as to pay much money to Ace to buy an Shiny Diamond for her. In the end, Leonore sends a letter back to Elex.


NPC Elex
Function Kindergarten Teacher
Quests involved
Location Edelstein

Secret Plaza

NPC Elex (2)
Function Blaster Instructor
Location Secret Plaza

Twilight Perion

NPC Elex (3)
Function Resistance
Quests involved
Location Twilight Perion

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