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Free Market entrance

An entrance to the Free Market, in Perion.

The Free Market is a central trading post where players can trade with other users, purchase items from player vendors, and set-up personal stores.

Free Market rooms

There are 22 separate rooms in the Free Market. In each room, players may set-up their personal stores. There are four rows of rooms, each row styled after a different town:


Players can set-up personal stores that they can fill with items they wish to sell. Store permits can be purchased in the Cash Shop. Other players can then browse their wares and purchase items at their leisure. All purchases will give the Mesos directly to the vendor.

There are various types of store permits that can be purchased in the Cash Shop. They range from regular permits to seasonal permits that are decorated according to the season. Colored stores are also available. Finally, players can purchase the Mushroom House Elf, which is an NPC that will sell players' items without them having to be present.

Regular permits display a window identical to that of Omok and Match Card windows. Seasonal and colored permits are larger, and look more like the traditional lemonade stand.

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