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Freud was one of the original six heroes who sealed the Black Mage. He was eventually succeeded by Evan. Freud plays a major role in the second blockbuster 'Heroes of Maple', as he have foresaw the predicted threat and made preparations to ensure that his friends and successor will stop it.


Freud was one of the greatest mages in Maple World and the only dragon master at the time. When the Black Mage tried to curse Freud and break the bond between Freud and Afrien, his partner dragon, Afrien took the curse instead and was encased in ice. Freud later dies, but not before a dragon egg is secured and hidden from the Black Mage, ensuring the survival of the Onyx Dragons.

Heroes of Maple

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The details below contain SPOILERS, you may want to view this after completing the storyline in-game.

Act 0 - Freud, the Last Record

Freud and Afrien in Act 1(Heroes of Maple)

Freud and Afrien's last moments

Some time after the Black Mage was sealed, his friends and Afrien caught the Black Mage curse. He was not affected by the curse as Afrien took his place. Before Afrien was left behind in a snowy island, which was later known as Slumbering Dragon Island, both of them spent their final moments together, with Freud imbuing his memories in Afrien and hoping that his future successor will find it.

Freud setting aside the Abraxas

Freud setting aside the Abraxas

Some time after peace returned to the world, Freud have foresaw a new threat; "When the battle of the end approaches, the wolf that is released from its shackles will devour the World Tree.". Realizing that the future he foresaw will endanger the Maple World, he set aside plans with the people in Nihal Desert and a flying relic, the 'Abraxas', which was later settled in the Sanctum.

Act 1

After Evan, Shade, Aran and Mir managed to find Afrien in the same island, Afrien uses his powers to allow Evan to talk to Freud. However, Damien's arrival have interrupted their conversation and Afrien uses the last of his strength to get the heroes to safety. Proud that he was able to complete his task, he joins Freud to the afterlife.

Act 2

Evan and Mir managed to reach the sanctum but was blocked by a golem. Mercedes easily defeats it by breaking its defenses. As the golem knows Freud, he gave Evan a free pass to enter in a crucial moment. In the sanctum, they were able to see the mural of the predicted threat that Freud have foresaw. After Evan and the heroes succeeded retrieving the Abraxas, Freud appears in a form of his memories in the relic. He also welcomes Shade back to the team and explains to the group about his plans and finding the Transcendence Stone before disappearing completely.

Act 3

Freud and Luminous in a flashback

Freud and Luminous in a flashback

Luminous, Phantom and Mercedes found the Transcendence Stone in the museum located in the other world. However, the stone's properties also affects Luminous as some of his powers were mixed with the Black Mage. In the past, Freud had discussed with Luminous about the stone and some issues, making Luminous wonder why would Freud study about this dangerous object.



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