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Gerand Darmoor, or known simply as Darmoor, is the Transcendent of Life and the main antagonist in the world of Grandis.


Long ago, Darmoor was the prince of the High Flora race, who were in a constant war with the Verdant Flora. Eventually, the High Flora was wiped out, and Darmoor survived awakening as the Transcendence of Life. Insane of the lost of life, sought to re-shape Grandis in his image, and began conquering it.

Many years ago, Magnus aided Gerand Darmoor in conquering Heliseum, the capital of the Nova Race. Kaiser, the legend of Pantheon, led the fight against them. Despite Kaiser's sacrifice, he was unsuccessful at stopping the fall of Heliseum.


  • Gerand Darmoor shares many similarities with the Black Mage, Maple World's Transcendence of Light. Both are evil Transcendence of their own world, had stolen their world's Transcendence of Time's powers, and Magnus is both of their servants. Whether or not if this is coincidental is unknown.