Henesys Ruins

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DestructionTown icon Henesys Ruins
Map Henesys Ruins
Continent Ossyria / Temple of Time Area Gate to the Future
Street Henesys Ruins Return Map Henesys Ruins
NPC Chief Alex, Athena Pierce, Ex-chief Stan, Maya, Camila, Utah, Jay, Big Headward, Informant
Monsters None
Portals Hill North of Henesys Ruins, Dark Spore Hill, Henesys Ruins Park, Henesys Ruins Market, Gate to the Future, Rina's House
Notes This map is available to Maplers at least Level 160.
Availability of Gate to the Future
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA Europe
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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GrandisMirror World

TimeTemple iconTemple of Time DestructionTown iconGate to the Future YuYuanCN iconGate to the Past

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