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Heroes of Maple

The world of MapleStory was not always such a cheerful place. There has been evil in the past, most noticeably the evil Black Mage. However, the reason the Maple World is a happy place, it is today, is due to the efforts of six selfless heroes who fought the Black Mage, sealed him away, and brought peace and prosperity to the Maple World.

However, their efforts were not without sacrifice, and in the process of sealing away the Black Mage, they were then themselves sealed in ice, and Aran's memories were wiped clean. However, the six heroes have awoken and are prepared to counterattack the Black Wings, the army of the Black Mage.

All of the six heroes were together again to fight against the Demon Army and the Commander of the Black Mage who was predicted to destroy the World Tree in the second blockbuster.



Main article: Aran

Aran was the strongest warrior in Maple World. The reason for her involvement in the final battle is unknown, other than to simply bring the Black Mage down. Like Mercedes and Phantom, Aran was sealed in ice after the battle and re-entered Maple World much weaker than before (Lv. 250 to Lv. 1). However, unlike most of the Heroes (except Freud, that is), Aran had lost all of her memory to the curse therefore her strength as well.


Main article: Evan

Evan is the successor of the previous hero, Freud.

Freud was one of the greatest mages in Maple World and the only dragon master at the time. When the Black Mage tried to curse Freud and break the bond between Freud and Afrien, his partner dragon, Afrien took the curse instead and was encased in ice. Freud later dies, but not before a dragon egg is secured and hidden from the Black Mage, ensuring the survival of the Onyx Dragons.


Main article: Mercedes

Mercedes was the Queen of the Elves. She fought the Black Mage to protect her people, stating that the Black Mage "would come after them anyway" if the Black Mage was not stopped. When the Black Mage was sealed, Mercedes returned to Elluel to seal out any dangers to the place before she and her people were encased in ice due to the Mage's curse. When she returned to Maple World a hundred years later, she was dismayed to find that her people have not been freed from the curse with her, but also incredulous at the fact that she, like Aran, had weakened greatly since the war.


Main article: Phantom

Phantom was the greatest thief of Maple World. He wants revenge for the death of his love, Empress Aria, whose life was taken by the forces of the Black Mage at a peace conference. He, of course, was also sealed in ice, and his airship the Lumiere secured his tomb until he defrosted. When he returns, one of his first orders of business is to stop Hilla from usurping Empress Cygnus.


Main article: Luminous

Luminous was the light deserted by the Black Mage. He simply wants the end of the Black Mage, and is the one who seals the Black Mage away. However, due to an event that occurred during the sealing of the danger, Luminous was forced to physically clash with the Black Mage. This resulted in a transfer of tainted power between the two spellcasters, and Luminous was sealed away with part of the Black Mage's power in his body.


Main article: Shade

Shade has no family, no clan and no known relatives. The reason for his involvement in the final battle is unknown, other than to simply bring the Black Mage down. He volunteered himself to be the sacrifice for the seal on the Black Mage and the memories of him were erased from the memories of everyone he knew or met, including the Heroes themselves. He wakes up in Vulpes, a world in the same dimension as Pantheon, with almost complete recollection of what had passed.

Heroes of Maple

All of the 6 heroes are featured in their updated appearance in the update 'Heroes of Maple', where they are the key characters in the Second Blockbuster.

Act 0 - Freud, The Last Record

After the Black Mage was sealed, Afrien who had taken the curse was left in a snowy island, which was later known as Slumbering Dragon Island. In his seemingly last moments with Freud before the curse takes over, both made a pact with each other that they will always be together and their descendants will meet him the the future. However, Freud had a future vision of the approaching danger. He then leave the future to his friends and successor.

Act 1 - Slumbering Dragon Island

The Demon Army was present in Slumbering Dragon Island, guarding it from intruders. Evan and his Onyx Dragon Mir managed to avoid the guards and continue their journey to find Afrien. Along the way, he noticed that the creatures on the island were brainwashed by someone. He also encountered one of the penguins, a companion of Lilin who managed to escape and agreed to save her. After braving through the snowy terrain, they spotted masses of the Demon Army on the island.

Along the way, both are blocked by a huge spider. Evan provoked it to come down to fight, only to enrage it and cause the ice floor to collapse and Evan fell to another location, separated from Mir. Somehow, Aran and Shade had witnessed Evan's action behind the scenes. Aran fights the Demon army to free her companion Lilin, only for Evan to awkwardly enter the fray. After dealing with the rest of the Demon army, one of them still held Lilin as hostage. Luckily Shade saves Lilin and Mir reunites with the group. It was revealed that Shade and Aran are training at one point heard about the news of Lilin being kidnapped by the Demon Army.

Both advance forward and have to deal with the spider, the same one that blocks Evan's path. Using Shade's ability to drag the spider down the cave ceiling and attack it when they have the chance, all 3 succeeded in defeating it. They finally managed to find Afrien, frozen but still alive and fighting Damien's infection. Evan then met Freud's spirit, whom he had earlier set his consciousness within Afrien and both he and Mir converse with their ancestors. Through them, he learned about the upcoming threat: the commander of the Black Mage will soon swallow the World Tree. Freud assured Evan that he will not be alone in the quest and his new friends will help him. However, it was interrupted by the arrival of Damien, the commander that was predicted to be the main threat. Aran have a brief scuffle with Damien but was knocked back by his blade. Afrien uses the last of his strength to get the group to safety, proud to see Mir's growth and kept Freud's promise.

Though Evan and Mir were upset about Afrien's sacrifice, they have to save the mourning for later as the craven was about to collapse. All of them managed to escape the craven in time before the entrance was blocked. Despite the loss of Afrien, which upsets Evan and Mir the most, they have to move forward and fight the approaching danger.

Act 1.5 - Reunion of Heroes

In order to gain strength to defeat Damien, Evan and Mir decides to visit the other 3 heroes, who were currently having their normal lives.

Demon and Damien

Demon encountered his brother Damien again the first time after several years. Learning about the true events that happened years ago, Demon tries to convince Damien to stop his meaningless actions, only to be struck down by Damien.

Act 2: Abraxas: The prophecy’s sanctum

Evan and Mir were waiting for the other heroes in the proposed meeting place; Nihal Desert, though they were running late. A flashback shows after escaping the ice cave in Slumbering Dragon Island, Aran have to catch up with Evan later as Maha had taken damage from Damien's attack. Shade decides to go with her to help and heal Maha, promising to meet him later.

Evan was disappointed by the fact that the other heroes have not arrived yet, lamenting at the fact that he was not good enough to be Freud's successor. During their search for the ancient ruins, Evan fell in a sinkhole (close to the situation when he fell in the ice cave). Surprised by the fact that the ruins were in the undergrounds of the desert, Evan explain the brief history of the ruins and the god Abraxas before continuing their exploration. He was blocked by the guardian of the ruins and Mercedes joins the battle. Evan ask for permission to pass, much to Mercedes annoyance. The guardian gave Evan a riddle 'What is long in the morning, short in the afternoon, and long again at night?' (Answer: A shadow), in which Evan answers correctly and gets a free pass.

Mercedes was still fuming over Evan's attitude, commenting that he was still a long way to be as same as Freud, though Evan have no hard feelings towards her. Accidentally activating a trap, Evan, Mir and Mercedes fell into a net trap. Luminous and Phantom made their arrival, even though they were bickering over who has taken out the most monsters. Walking through the ruins, they encountered some murals, which shows the recorded history of the world and the Black Mage. In one of the murals they found, it was about the heroes sealing the Black Mage. Phantom and Mercedes complained that the murals does not look like them and noticed the bottom right part of it was erased (which actually depicts Shade). The last ruins they discovered was the prediction Freud had saw "When the battle of the end approaches, the wolf that is released from its shackles will devour the World Tree.".

The group ended up in another trap. Making use of the riddle that the gatekeeper have asked, Evan instructed Luminous to make a shadow from a statue, with Phantom copying his skill to form another one, which reveals a hidden stairway for them to escape. They finally made it to the ancient relic, with a timely arrival of Shade and Aran to complete the group. Evan starts up the airship with his magic and escape from the Demon Army. Their efforts to recover the airship "Abraxas" was worth it as Freud, in form of his memories and conscious appears within the airship. He explains the plans he set in the past, the airship and welcomes Shade back to the team. The heroes decided to make Evan their new leader, making Evan nervous about his new position but resolved to do what he could.

Act 3: Unfamiliar World

Concept Art of Heroes in Act 3

Concept Art of Heroes in Act 3

Through the airship, the heroes minus Shade made it to the other world, where the seal stone was located. Mercedes and Phantom disguised themselves as visitors and attends a private party in an art museum. In the air vents of the museum, Luminous was called as a standby to help Mercedes and Phantom when needed. He also disguised himself as a visitor of the museum. Phantom got the information where the seal stone was located within the museum, with Evan commanding Luminous to temporarily shut down the lights to make an opening for Mercedes and Luminous to get to the other room unnoticed. Unfortunately, the trio got spotted by another visitor, making Mercedes to take drastic measures by revealing and pointing her bow guns, much to the shock of the other two. Due to this, the alarm was sounded and the trio have to fight the security robots to get to the seal stone.

Once they found the seal stone in one of the exhibit halls, Luminous felt a negative effect of the stone due to it resonating with the power of the Black Mage that was residing within him.



  • The first letters of the heroes' names, excluding Shade's, form the word 'MAPLE'.[1]
  • All Heroes have different shades of blue in their eyes on their artwork.
  • Aran, Luminous and Shade are the three heroes who have acquired a companion after awakening from the Black Mage’s curse. These companions are Lilin, Lania and Moonbeam respectively.
  • There are more magicians in total compared to the number of Heroes in each class. One Warrior (Aran), one Bowman (Mercedes), one Thief (Phantom), one Pirate (Shade), but two Magicians (Evan and Luminous).


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