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The world of MapleStory was not always such a cheerful place. There has been evil in the past, most noticeably the evil Black Mage. However, the reason the Maple World is a happy place, it is today, is due to the efforts of six selfless heroes who fought the Black Mage, sealed him away, and brought peace and prosperity to the Maple World. However, their efforts were not without sacrifice, and in the process of sealing away the Black Mage, they were then themselves sealed in ice, and Aran's memories were wiped clean. However, the six heroes have awoken and are prepared to counterattack the Black Wings, the army of the Black Mage.


  • The introduction of Aran shows a knuckle-wielding Pirate. This was originally thought to be a continuity error until the introduction of Shade.
    • However, Shade's existence was erased from everyone's memories, and therefore, still an error.
      • It's still possible it took place before the memories were erased, so it may or may not be an error.
  • The first letters of the first five Heroes form the word MAPLE.
  • All Heroes have different shades of blue in their eyes on their artwork.

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