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Mob Hilla

Don't think you've won. Maple World is already in his hands.

― Hilla

Hilla is one of the commanders of the Black Mage. Formerly one of the chief shamanesses of Azwan, she was overcome with greed and handed over the city to the Black Mage in exchange for eternal power, youth, and beauty. With the power of necromancy in her hand, Hilla revived the deceased population of Azwan for her personal undead army, and lined her kingdom with magical totems to continuously reanimate her fallen soldiers. She is also one of the main antagonists of Phantom's and Tynerum's storyline.


She first appears in the Phantom introduction where she tries to pass herself off as the Empress, claiming that Cygnus isn't the rightful heir as she holds the glowing Skaia, a jewel said to glow in the hands of the Empress. However, this was thwarted when Phantom arrived, who reveals to have had the real Skaia all along. She flees, claiming that Maple World already is in his hands.

It was not long until the Cygnus Knights discovered the lost city of Azwan. Along with the ghostly residents, they try to recruit adventurers to overthrow Hilla. The operation was a success, it appears that Hilla escaped in the end.

Hilla is later found at Tynerum and appears to be responsible for its chaotic state, from imprisoning the demon residents to Gollux's corruption. However, right after being confronted, Hilla flees.

Hilla also makes a cameo appearance in Black Heaven. She also may be one of the commanders leading the army in the Kritias invasion scenario (if so, the Azwan mobs are included in the army), but the players do not confront her directly.

In FriendStory, Hilla's counterpart is the school nurse at Shinsoo International School. In Episode 4 Magnus and Hilla start cracking down on dating in the school which is ruining Hawkeye's "game." Hawkeye proposes that the player tries to get Magnus and Hilla to start dating so that he can go back to "scoring," but to barely any avail as Magnus and Hilla hate each other, similar to their MapleStory counterparts. Hilla is also one of the judges in the rock off in Episode 6, and seems unaffected by Damien's spell, which results in her scoring his band high - but not perfect - giving the players' band an opening needed to score higher.

After Damien's death in the battle of the Fallen Word Tree, Hilla decides that she will take over things for now as Arkarium have to remain in his snake form due to Damien's assault.