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Illium is a member of the Verdant Flora race and the descendants of those surviving Verdant Flora. He is a Magician-type class who uses a Lucent Gauntlet as a primary weapon and Lucent Wings as a secondary weapon.


The Flora Race

Hundreds of years ago, the Flora race, with their natural magic wings, used powerful magic to create a brilliant civilization. They were divided into two separate groups: The High Floras, who wanted to conquer all other races in Grandis; the Verdant Flora who wanted to co-exist. This led to a civil war. After the war, the narrowly surviving Verdant Flora hid in the deepest part of Grandis.

Agate, one of the members of the Verdant Flora race, barely managed to escape the onslaught of the war and protected her teacher's ancient crystal. She later became the headmistress of the Crystal Academy in Sanctuary, located in the deepest part of Grandis. She remained in the academy to guard the crystal and seek to find the one that will become the hope of the race.

Meeting with Agate

Illium is a descendant of those surviving Verdant Flora. He had genius talent when working with machines but did not possess the innate magical abilities of the Flora race. Curious of the outside world and wanting to get more parts, Lyio uses a flash bomb to blind the soldiers, much to Illium's dismay, allowing both of them to get through the crystal gate to the Savage Terminal. However, his actions got found out by Agate, when having a discussion with Dyus from the soldiers. Agate decides to handle the stiuation herself, withnessing Illium's burst of magic power to defend himself from monsters.

Time in Crystal Academia

Agate teaching Illium

Agate teaching Illium

Agate guiding Illium on use of crystal

Agate guiding Illium on use of crystal

Agate eventually brought Illium back to Aslyum to determine his punishment of breaking the rules. As she had witnessed him using powerful magic despite his wings not glowing and irregular flow, plus it being unusual for his age, she decides to take him under her wing and permit him to attend Crystal Academia, an elite school in which only students capable of using crystal magic can enter. Despite being different from his new classmates and shyness, he manages to pull through regular lessons and also attends special lessons from Agate. In the academy days, he befriends Morion, whom later became his travel companion.At one point, he was in the academy laboratory working on making a prayer sclupture and the elder crystal somehow resonated with him, which frightens him at first. Agate witnessed this phenomenon, realizing that the boy was the one who will save their race. Illium also uses his talents to create his own navigation robots Ex/Liyo and Machina.

Academia Under Siege and Awakening

Agate defending Illium

Agate defending Illium

When the academy was under siege by the true mastermind behind the ancient war, Gerand Darmoor and his minions, Illium and his classmates hid in the academy, but they have to evacuate. Illium was unable to get out as the escape portal was closed by Darmoor. Wanting to protect the Flora race's last hope and student, Agate defends Illium but eventually exhausted her own powers and safety.

Illium mourning

Illium grief stricken by his teacher's death

Knowing that her own time might be up, Agate entrusts the Elder Crystal to him, hoping that Illium will be able to save their race. She eventually died from her wounds, leaving her student grief-stricken. Knowing that he must fight and fulfil his teacher's last wishes, Illium uses the crystal's powers and awakens into a new form, resulting in his appearance change and powers increasing. He eventually fought through all of Darmoor's minions and rescues his scattered classmates who had earlier used the escape portal.

Knowing that the Elder Crystal is the only hope to bring salvation to the Verdant Flora, Illium adventures to Maple World to find the Sanctuary of the Ancient God, while avoiding enemies of the crystal, to save the Verdant Flora race.


Nexon has commissioned an artist to draw a webtoon called Grandis – The Ancient War, which serves as a prologue of Illium's story.


  • In the story mode, Illium is 153 years old, which was child/teenage standards by the Flora race.


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