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Skill Infinity Blast Infinity Blast

Uses multiple bullets and lets you attack without using any ammo for a short time.
Level MP Cost: #mpCon and #bulletConsume bullets, Duration: #time sec
1 MP Cost: 12 and 180 bullets, Duration: 116 sec
2 MP Cost: 14 and 160 bullets, Duration: 132 sec
3 MP Cost: 16 and 140 bullets, Duration: 148 sec
4 MP Cost: 18 and 120 bullets, Duration: 164 sec
5 MP Cost: 20 and 100 bullets, Duration: 180 sec

Skill Infinity Blast 인피닛 불릿

불릿을 한 번에 다수 소비한 후 일정시간 동안 불릿 소비 없이 공격할 수 있다.
Level MP #mpCon 소비, 불릿 #bulletConsume개 소비, #time초간 지속
1 MP 12 소비, 불릿 180개 소비, 116초간 지속
2 MP 14 소비, 불릿 160개 소비, 132초간 지속
3 MP 16 소비, 불릿 140개 소비, 148초간 지속
4 MP 18 소비, 불릿 120개 소비, 164초간 지속
5 MP 20 소비, 불릿 100개 소비, 180초간 지속

Skill 0th Job Novice: Beginner Pirate FemaleArtwork Cannoneer (RED)
Skill 1st Job I: PiratePirate
Skill 2nd Job II: BrawlerGunslingerCannoneer
Skill 3rd Job III: MarauderOutlawCannon Trooper
Skill 4th Job IV: BuccaneerCorsairCannon Master
Skill Hyper Hyper: BuccaneerCorsairCannon Master
V: BuccaneerCorsairCannon Master
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