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For Kaiser's skill, see Iron Will (Kaiser).

Skill Iron Will (Spearman) Iron Will

  • Class: Spearman
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 10
Increases the Defense of party members for a fixed period of time.
Level MP Cost: #mpCon, DEF: +#pdd, Duration: #time sec
1 MP Cost: 18, DEF: +30, Duration: 92 sec
2 MP Cost: 18, DEF: +60, Duration: 104 sec
3 MP Cost: 18, DEF: +90, Duration: 116 sec
4 MP Cost: 18, DEF: +120, Duration: 128 sec
5 MP Cost: 18, DEF: +150, Duration: 140 sec
6 MP Cost: 24, DEF: +180, Duration: 152 sec
7 MP Cost: 24, DEF: +210, Duration: 164 sec
8 MP Cost: 24, DEF: +240, Duration: 176 sec
9 MP Cost: 24, DEF: +270, Duration: 188 sec
10 MP Cost: 24, DEF: +300, Duration: 200 sec

Skill Iron Will (Spearman) 아이언 월

  • Class: Spearman
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 10
일정 시간동안 파티원의 방어력이 증가된다.
Level MP #mpCon 소비, #time초간 파티원의 방어력 #pdd 증가
1 MP 18 소비, 92초간 파티원의 방어력 30 증가
2 MP 18 소비, 104초간 파티원의 방어력 60 증가
3 MP 18 소비, 116초간 파티원의 방어력 90 증가
4 MP 18 소비, 128초간 파티원의 방어력 120 증가
5 MP 18 소비, 140초간 파티원의 방어력 150 증가
6 MP 24 소비, 152초간 파티원의 방어력 180 증가
7 MP 24 소비, 164초간 파티원의 방어력 210 증가
8 MP 24 소비, 176초간 파티원의 방어력 240 증가
9 MP 24 소비, 188초간 파티원의 방어력 270 증가
10 MP 24 소비, 200초간 파티원의 방어력 300 증가

Skill 0th Job Novice: Beginner
Warrior Male
Skill 1st Job I: Swordman
Skill 2nd Job II: FighterPageSpearman
Skill 3rd Job III: CrusaderWhite KnightBerserker
Skill 4th Job IV: HeroPaladinDark Knight
Skill Hyper Hyper: HeroPaladinDark Knight
V: HeroPaladinDark Knight
Job and Skills

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Cygnus Knights

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Child of God

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Skill Pink Powerhouse Pink Bean

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Class Beast Tamer Chase


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