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Items are things that can be purchased in MapleStory through Mesos, Maple Points or NX or earned from Quests, or dropped by Monsters. There are 5 main groups of items, namely Equipment, Usable, ETC, Set-Up and Cash. By default, the item window is opened with the I key.


Equipment is designed to augment a character's abilities or just to improve their looks. There are several different categories of equipment depending on where the items is to be worn. Players can change to a higher leveled equipment after meeting the minimum required stats, though some high level equipment can still be considered bad due to their purpose of not being worn for e.g a boss fight.

Most equipment in the game is class specific (Thief Equipment, Magician Equipment, Warrior Equipment, Bowman Equipment, Pirate Equipment), but there is also a fair amount of equipment that can be worn by any class as long as the character meets the minimum level and stat requirements.

Primary Weapons
Eqp Timeless Executioner Swords [1H] Item Vifennis Axes [1H] Item Battle Hammer Blunt Weapons [1H] Magician Magicodar Wands [1H]
Eqp Dragon Staff Staffs [1H] Eqp Raven Horn Baselard Daggers [1H] Eqp Plein Shining Rods [1H] Eqp Purple Haze Soul Shooters [1H]
Eqp Dragon Claymore Swords [2H] Eqp Tavar Axes [2H] Eqp Dragon Flame Blunt Weapons [2H] Eqp Pinaka Spears [2H]
Eqp Hellslayer Polearms [2H] Eqp Metus Bows [2H] Eqp Golden Raven Crossbows [2H] Eqp Songs of Nature Dual Bowguns [2H]
Eqp Red Craven Claws [2H] Eqp Celestial Cane Canes [1H] Eqp King Cent Knuckles [2H] Eqp ConcertoGuns [2H]
Eqp Infernalizer Hand Cannons [2H] Eqp Dragon Energy Skull Whip Blades [1H] Eqp Jaihin Desperado Desperados [1H] Eqp Simple Iron Sword Katanas [2H]
Eqp Iron Fan Fans [2H] Eqp Talon Scepter Scepters [1H] Eqp Utgard Psy-limiter Psy-limiters [1H] Eqp Briser Surtr Arm Cannons [2H]
Eqp Lapis Type 7 Heavy Swords [1H] Eqp Lazuli Type 7 Long Swords [1H]
Secondary Weapons
Eqp Silver Aquila Shield Shields Eqp Soul Shield of Justice Soul Shields Eqp Force Shield of Extremes Demon Aegis Eqp Heavenly Katara Kataras
Eqp Infinite Magic Arrows Magic Arrows Eqp Carte Finale Cards Eqp Karma Orb Orbs Eqp Nova Truth Essence Dragon Essences
Eqp Green Soul Ring Soul Rings Eqp Virtues Medallion Medallions Eqp Sacred Rosary Rosaries Eqp Berserk Chain Iron Chains
Eqp White Gold Book (Epode) Magic Books Eqp Blasted Feather Arrow Fletchings Eqp True Shot Bow Thimbles Eqp Slashing Shadow Dagger Scabbards
Eqp Death Sender Charm Charms Eqp Wrist Armor Wrist Bands Eqp Falcon Eye Far Sights Eqp Center Fire Bomb Powder Kegs
Eqp Dragon Mass Masses Eqp Dragon Master's Legacy Documents Eqp Maximizer Ball Magic Marbles Eqp Arcturus Fist Fists
Eqp Wild Heron Arrowheads Eqp Fire Phoenix Blade Kodachis Eqp Fist of Trust Martial Fists Eqp Mother Nature Whisper Whistles
Eqp Ereve Brilliance Jewels Eqp Octa Core Controller Core Controllers Eqp Golden Fox Marble Fox Marbles Eqp Queen Chess Piece Chess Pieces
Eqp Masterwork Charges Charges
Eqp Pickaxe Pickaxes Item Shovel Shovels
Eqp Royal Purple Mardi Gras Mask Face Accessories Eqp Kenta's Goggles Eye Accessories Eqp Dark Shards Earrings Eqp Dark Angelic Blessing Rings
Eqp Pendant of the Spirit Pendants Eqp Wise Exquisite Belt Belts Eqp Victoria Explorer Medals Eqp Tenacious Spiked Pauldron Shoulder Decorations
Eqp Pocket Watch Pocket Items Eqp Bounty Hunter Badge Badges Eqp Gold Maple Leaf Emblem Emblems
Eqp Werewolf 3 Taming Mobs Eqp Deluxe Android (M) Androids Eqp Reverse Mask Dragon Equipment Eqp Pure Gold Machine Leg Mechanic Equipment
Eqp Crusader Codex Crusader Codex Eqp Red Ribbon Pet Equipment Eqp Otherworld Cygnus Totem Totems


Usable Items
Recovery Items
Use Power Elixir Potions Use Unagi Food Use All Cure Potion Cures Use Pet Food Pet Food
Use Scroll 60% Equipment Scrolls Use Equip Enhancement Scroll Enhancement Scrolls Use Potential Scroll Potential Scrolls Use Return Scroll - Nearest Town Return Scrolls
Use Wind Card Monster Cards Use Red Snail Familiar Familiar Cards
Use Arrow for Bow Arrows Use Ilbi Throwing-Stars Throwing Stars Use Blaze Capsule Capsules Use Split Bullet Bullets
Use Blue Ribbon Pig Piece Transformation Items Use Summoning Sack Summoning Sacks Use Mastery Book 20 Mastery Books File:Use 8 slot soul bag.png Bags
Profession Items
Use Smithing Recipe Recipes Etc Superior Abrasive Abrasives
Equipment Enhancement
File:Use Pink Bean Soul.png Souls File:Use Rebirth Flame.png Flames


Etc Items
Etc Blue Snail Shell Leftovers Guides Game Pieces Stimulators
Quest Items File:Etc 8 slot coin purse.png Bags
Profession Items
Etc Superior Mold Crafting Materials Etc Bronze Ore Ores Item Marjoram Flower Herbs Etc Superior Item Crystal Item Crystals
Etc Bronze Plate Refined Ores Item Juniper Berry Flower Oil Refined Herbs Etc Magic Powder (Brown) Magic Powders


Set-up Items
Setup The Relaxer Chairs Decorative Items Setup The Brave Titles Setup 12 slot chair bag Bags
Equipment Enhancement
File:Ins A Nebulite.png Nebulites

Cash Shop Items

Cash Shop Items
Shop Permits NX Equipment Covers Coupons Special Scrolls
Miscellaneous Items Pets
Equipment Enhancement
Use Red Cube Cubes
HatsOverallsShoesCapesTopsBottomsGlovesFace AccessoriesEye Accessories
EarringsRingsPendantsBeltsMedalsShoulder DecorationsPocket ItemsBadges
EmblemsTaming MobsAndroidsDragon EquipmentMechanic EquipmentCrusader Codex
Pet EquipmentTotems
One-Handed SwordsStaffsTwo-Handed SwordsPolearmsClawsHand CannonsFans
One-Handed AxesDaggersTwo-Handed AxesBowsCanesWhip BladesScepters
One-Handed Blunt WeaponsShining RodsTwo-Handed Blunt WeaponsCrossbowsKnuckles
DesperadosPsy-limitersWandsSoul ShootersSpearsDual BowgunsGunsKatanasArm Cannons

ShieldsMagic ArrowsSoul RingsMagic BooksCharmsMassesArrowheadsJewels
Soul ShieldsCardsMedallionsArrow FletchingsWrist BandsDocumentsKodachis
Core ControllersDemon AegisOrbsRosariesBow ThimblesFar SightsMagic Marbles
Martial FistsFox MarblesKatarasDragon EssencesIron ChainsDagger Scabbards
Powder KegsFistsWhistlesChess PiecesCharges

PotionsFoodCuresPet FoodEquipment ScrollsEquip Enhancement ScrollPotential Scroll
Return ScrollsMonster CardsFamiliar CardsArrowsThrowing StarsCapsulesBullets
Transformation ItemsSummoning SacksMastery BooksBagsRecipesSoulsFlames
LeftoversGuidesGame PiecesQuest ItemsBagsCrafting Materials
OresHerbsItem CrystalsRefined OresRefined HerbsMagic PowdersAbrasives
ChairsDecorative ItemsTitlesBagsNebulites
Cash Items
Items/Shop PermitsItems/NX Equipment CoversItems/Coupons
Items/Special ScrollsMiscellaneous ItemsPetsCubes

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