Dual Blade F

Lady Sylvia, more commonly known as Lady Syl, is the leader of the covert Thief Dual Blades who are organized to defeat the current Dark Lord out of vengeance.


Lady Syl was the former Dark Lord's daughter and once had a loving relationship with the current Dark Lord, Jin, who served as a student under the former Dark Lord. However, Jin was forced to kill his mentor after the Balrog possessed him and all attempts to reach out to the former Dark Lord's spirit failed. Saddened, Jin returned to bury the former Dark Lord and took it upon himself to work as the next Dark Lord.

However, the Balrog claimed another victim; Syl, out of anger, accused Jin of not protecting her father and even believed that Jin engineered her father's death so he could claim the title of Dark Lord. Jin tried to persuade her, but she vowed vengeance and promised that her new rival will die before leaving. As a result, Lady Syl formed the Dual Blades.

It is only until a disciple of her steals the Dark Lord's diary, detailing of what truly happened to her father, that causes Lady Syl to hesitate on her actions and rethink. She reluctantly decides to cease her desires of revenge and reform an alliance with the Dark Lord, as well as the rest of Maple World.


The Secret Garden

Lady Syl
NPC Lady Syl
Function Job Instructor
Quests involved
Location Lady Syl's Room

Conference Room of the Alliance

Lady Syl
NPC Lady Syl (2)
Location Conference Room of the Alliance

Maple Island

Maple IslandCoco Island

Victoria Island

HenesysFarmMushroom Castle
ElliniaEast ForestElluelEllinel
Kerning CityThe Secret GardenKerning Tower
Lith Harbor
SleepywoodRoot AbyssDark World Tree
NautilusGold Beach
EreveRienRiena StraitLumiere

El Nath Mts.

OrbisEl NathLion King's Castle

Aqua Road

AquariumTwisted Aqua Road

Ludus Lake

LudibriumKorean Folk TownEllin ForestFantasy Theme WorldOmega Sector

Nihal Desert

AriantMagatiaAzwanTower of Trials

Mu Lung Garden

Mu LungHerb TownGolden Temple

Minar Forest

LeafreStone ColossusKritias

Temple of Time

Temple of TimeLeafre of PastDimensional Schism
Gate to the Future: Henesys RuinsTwilight Perion
Arcane River: Vanishing JourneyChu Chu IslandLachelein





World Tour
Zipangu (Japan)

Mushroom ShrineShowa TownNinja CastleTokyo

The Far East (China)

ShanghaiMount SongShaolin Temple

Formosa (Taiwan)

XimendingNight Market


New Leaf CityCrimsonwood2022 NLC

Siam (Thailand)

Floating Market


CBDBoat Quay Town


Trend Zone MetropolisKampung Village



Mirror World

ShadowvaleZero's TempleLeafreAriantHenesysMu LungEdelsteinMagatiaLudibriumTemple of TimeKritias

Other / Event

ArborenAmoriaBlackgate CityGrand AthenaeumCrimsonheart CastleTynerumCommerci Republic
Free MarketArdentmillFree MarketMonster ParkStar PlanetEvent Hall

Party Quests

Spiegelmann's Guest HouseSharenian RuinsAmorian Challenge
Mu Lung DojoCrimsonwood KeepTynerum AltarDimension Invasion
Alien VisitorCross World Party Quest

Removed Areas

Florina BeachChryse
Sakura CastleNeo CityBattle SquareCoke TownFight for Azwan

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