Le Tierre is a member of the Black Wings, assigned to the mine in Edelstein as a secretary.

To most players, she comes off as a ditzy type, overburdened by her workload, who is happy to have the player to help her with various tasks for the higher-ranking Black Wings (who she is deathly afraid of) either unknowing or uncaring that he/she is intruding in the mine.

She is far more competent and dangerous to players using a Mercedes or Phantom character, as she attempts to lead both into a trap for one quest for each character.

Le Tierre
NPC Le Tierre
Function Black Wing Secretary
Quests involved Please Help Us Clean Francis's Room, Please Find Dargoth Some Snacks, Please Help Repair Baroq's Wall, Please Catch Eleanor's Pet, Stolen Child 1, Stolen Child 2, The Suspicious Secretary, Le Tierre's Test, The Sneakiest Secretary, The Hotness
Location Power Plant Lobby

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