Leafre is a town in Minar Forest. Players can arrive here via a ride from Orbis. Leafre is home to Halflingers, a species of furry humanoids that watch over the dragons of Minar and large dragon eggs scattered throughout the town. Any Halflingers with dragon eggs are to make sure that they are kept warm and safe. Chief Tatamo is the leading elder of the town. Demons once lived in the town, but due to them joining forces with the Black Mage, they were forced out of the town and had to live in Tynerum in exile.


Leafre icon Leafre
Map Leafre
Continent Minar Forest Area Leafre
Street Leafre Return Map Leafre
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Star Force None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs Monsters None
Portals Ardentmill, West Leafre Forest, Leafre Station Entrance, Leafre : East Forest, General Store, Chief's House, Yaku's House, Ito's House, Kumo's House, Pam's House, Free Market Entrance
Notes This map is required to obtain the Minar Forest Explorer title.
Availability of Leafre
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
Available Available Available Available Available Available
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