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A town high up above Ludus Lake, Ludibrium sits between the two towers of Eos and Helios. Players can go to and from Ludibrium via a toy ship. This place has almost all its inhabitants and structures resembling toys, and even the central factory produces toys. Deep below, there is a powerful monster that manipulates time however it wishes.


Ludibrium icon Ludibrium
Map Ludibrium
Continent Ossyria Area Ludibrium
Street Ludibrium Return Map Ludibrium
NPC Taxi, Maple Admin, Nurse Pretty, Tony, Marcel, Patricia, Geanie, Robert Holly, Seppy, Lea, Eurek the Alchemist, Big Headward, Neville, Vega, Fantastic Cable Car, Ms. Appropriation, Dimensional Mirror, Eileen, Danger Zone Taxi, Donald, Spiegelmann, Victor, Spinel, Dalair, Donation Box, Bo, Miss Richfield, The Great Gachapierrot, Matilda, Tigun the Advisor, Mysterious Magician, Misha, Vincent, Ludibrium Maple TV
Monsters None
Portals Ludibrium Village, Ludibrium Ticketing Place, Ludibrium Pet Walkway, Helios Tower Entrance, Terrace Hall, Ludibrium Weapon Store, Ludibrium General Store, Ludibrium Plastic Surgery, Ludibrium Hair Salon, Ludibrium Skin Care, Free Market Entrance, Fantasy Theme World <Main Gate>, Ardentmill
Notes This map is required to obtain the Ludus Lake Explorer title.
Availability of Ludibrium
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA Europe
Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

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