Magatia is a town built in the desert, where alchemists reside. Players can reach here on foot via Ariant. There is trouble brewing within Magatia, between two alchemy factions: the Zenumists who use pure magic and science in alchemy, and the Alcadnos who add machinery into life forms. Players come here to settle the dispute, also in a party quest involving 2 star crossed lovers caught in this crisis.


Magatia icon Magatia
Map Magatia
Continent Ossyria Area Magatia
Street Sunset Road Return Map Magatia
Level Any Damage over Time None
Swimming? Flying?
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Star Force None Recommended Arcane Power None
NPCs Rosen, Jerry, Humanoid A, Keeny, Phyllia, Han the Broker, Neville, Yulia, Ms. Appropriation, Paul, Dimensional Mirror, Lea, Monster Park Shuttle, Dalair, Donation Box, Bo, Donald, Omega Sector Agent, Mysterious Magician, Eileen, Boss Kumi, The Great Gachapierrot, Eurek the Alchemist, Maple Admin, Maple Admin, Taxi, Big Headward, Nurse Pretty Monsters None
Portals Weapon & Armor Shop, Alcadno Society, Ardentmill, Sahel 1, Zenumist Society, Home of the Missing Alchemist, Free Market Entrance, Yulete's Lab
Notes This map is required to obtain the Nihal Desert Explorer title.
Availability of Magatia
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
Available Available Available Available Available Available
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