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Maha is Aran's polearm weapon's spirit. He is a male, regardless of whether Aran is female ("Anya") or male ("Aran"). He is found in a chunk of ice in Rein. Aran figures out who s/he is when Maha reacts loudly to her/him. He is orange colored with yellowish hair, which is always tucked in a ponytail. He floats, and has short pants and a shirt. Always seems to have a frown on his face.


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NPC Maha
Function Spirit of Polearm
Quests involved In Search of Its Rightful Owner, The Mirror of Desire, A Weapon Never Leaves Its Owner, Catch that Thief!, Making Red Jade, Weapon Starts a Fight... with His Owner?, Taming the Polearm, Weapon Acknowledges Its Owner, The Wolf's Evolution
Location Rien

Leafre of Past

NPC Maha (2)
Quests involved
Location Leafre in Flames 3

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