MapleStory Advance of the Union

MapleStory Alliance

Advance of the Union
Alliance (GMS, EMS)
Return of the Forces (SEA)
Parts: 2, 3 (GMS)
Initial release: 2011 (KMS), 2011-2012 (GMS)
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Legends Justice

Advance of the Union (KR: 연합의 진격) is a two-part update. With evidence of the Black Mage's return, the Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Heroes, and the Resistance have decided to perform a mass alliance in order to defeat the oncoming threat. This update will feature a major complete class reorganization, although Thieves and Pirates remain unaffected.


Part 1 : Resistance • Aran • Evan

Part 2 : Warrior • Magician • Bowman • Cygnus Knights


Part 1 : Alliance Rising

MapleStory Alliance Rising

Part 2 : Alliance Unbound

MapleStory Alliance Unbound

Part 3 : Alliance Eternal

MapleStory Alliance Eternal



Availability of MapleStory: Advance of the Union
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
Available Available Available Available Available Available
Update Patches
MapleStory Big Bang Big Bang (Jul 2010) MapleStory Chaos Chaos (Dec 2010) MapleStory Jump! Jump! (Mar 2011) MapleStory Legends Legends (Jul 2011)
MapleStory Advance of the Union Advance of the Union (Oct 2011) MapleStory Justice Justice (Dec 2011) MapleStory Tempest Tempest (Jul 2012) MapleStory Unlimited Unlimited (Dec 2012)
MapleStory Cygnus Returns Cygnus Returns (Jan 2013) MapleStory RED RED (Jul 2013) MapleStory FLY FLY (Sep 2013) MapleStory You & I You & I (Dec 2013)
MapleStory Coordinator's Touch Coordinator's Touch (Jul 2014) Maple Ice & Burn Maple Ice & Burn (Dec 2014) MapleStory GiSeungJeon12 Giseungjeon12 (Feb 2015)
MapleStory Reboot Reboot (Jun 2015) MapleStory Heroes of Maple Heroes of Maple (Nov 2015) MapleStory V V (Jun 2016) MapleStory Beyond Beyond (Dec 2016)
Nova Logo Nova (Jun 2017)

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