MapleStory ChaosMapleStory Renaissance
Renaissance (JMS)
Parts: 3, 2 (JMS)
Initial release: 2010
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Big Bang Jump!

Chaos is a large update which contains class revamps, Professions, a new area, and a new boss. Ever since the arise of the Black Mage, the world has been thrown into greater chaos, thus Maplers must rise to become stronger through three different sequences. Like Big Bang, the update comes in 3 patches.


Part 1 : Age of Heroes

  • All classes were revamped.

Part 2 : Age of Artisans

MapleStory Age of Artisans

This patch introduces Professions. Only 2 can be chosen from the following: Herbalism, Mining, Blacksmith, Accessory Crafting, and Alchemy.

Part 3 : Age of Battle

MapleStory Age of Battle
Mob Cygnus

Future Cygnus

This patch introduces a PvP system which players can battle against each other. PvP consists of 3 (or 4 in some versions) modes:

Free-for-all: Defeat as many enemies as you can.
Team Battle: Score more points than the opposing team.
Ice Knight: One player becomes the Ice Knight and others have to defeat him within 7 minutes.
Capture the Flag: Capture the opposing team's flag 3 times.

This update also releases a new set of equipments, a new area, and a new boss, for Maplers over Level 160. However, the boss expedition is only for Maplers over Level 170.



Part 1 : Monster Familiar

MapleStory Monster Familiar

This first part of the update contains Monster Familiar, a new function enabling Maplers to summon monsters which can help attack other monsters, Soul Weapons, a weapon allowing Maplers to summon Bosses, Gate to the Future, and skill changes.

Part 2 : Way of the Artisans

MapleStory Way of the Artisans

This part introduces Professions which is also featured in Chaos, but with Jewel Making and Blacksmithing merged, and the release of two new, JapanMS exclusive professions: Tamer and Huntsman.


  • The patch names for MapleSEA used the fan translation of the Korean names, which are Return of the Heroes, Technological Age and Super Fight.
  • Despite GlobalMS claiming the Silent Crusade being exclusive to their server, it had originated from JapanMS.


Availability of MapleStory: Chaos
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
Available Available Available Available Available Available
Update Patches
MapleStory Big Bang Big Bang (Jul 2010) MapleStory Chaos Chaos (Dec 2010) MapleStory Jump! Jump! (Mar 2011) MapleStory Legends Legends (Jul 2011)
MapleStory Advance of the Union Advance of the Union (Oct 2011) MapleStory Justice Justice (Dec 2011) MapleStory Tempest Tempest (Jul 2012) MapleStory Unlimited Unlimited (Dec 2012)
MapleStory Cygnus Returns Cygnus Returns (Jan 2013) MapleStory RED RED (Jul 2013) MapleStory FLY FLY (Sep 2013) MapleStory You & I You & I (Dec 2013)
MapleStory Coordinator's Touch Coordinator's Touch (Jul 2014) Maple Ice & Burn Maple Ice & Burn (Dec 2014) MapleStory GiSeungJeon12 Giseungjeon12 (Feb 2015)
MapleStory Reboot Reboot (Jun 2015) MapleStory Heroes of Maple Heroes of Maple (Nov 2015) MapleStory V V (Jun 2016) MapleStory Beyond Beyond (Dec 2016)
Nova Logo Nova (Jun 2017)

Others: MapleStory Mark of Honor Mark of Honor (Jul 2012) MapleStory Season2 Season 2 (Apr 2013) MapleStory Spark Spark (Jul 2013)

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