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MapleStory GiSeungJeon12
Parts: 4
Initial release: 2015
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Mark of Honor (CMS)

Giseungjeon12 (KR:Hangul:기승전12 Hanja:起承轉12 romanja: Giseungjeon12 lit. Introduction-Development-Twist-12) is an update following Maple Ice & Burn (MIB) which consists of four parts: Introduction (기,起), Development (승,承), Twist (전,轉) and finally, the concluding 12.

The name of this update is derived from the description of the writing structure and development of classic Chinese, Japanese and Korean narratives; Kishōtenketsu.

Part 1: Introduction

  • Star Star Festival
  • Honey? Honey! event
  • Lady Blair’s Dream Express event

Part 2: Development

  • Friends Story: Rock & Roll
  • The SEED R
  • Xerxes of Chryse party quest

Part 3: Twist

  • Freud’s Journal: Episode 2 – Onyx Pendant
  • Fight! Return of the Legends update

Part 4: 12

  • MapleStory’s 12th Anniversary



  • There are no official English name for this patch as the content of this patch is added in differently across the two English MapleStory server.
    • GMS added this patch as part of their Pink Bean update.
    • MSEA referred to this patch as "RISE".
Availability of MapleStory: Giseungjeon12
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