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For the class, see Nova.

Nova is an update following Beyond, which will introduce a new Nova thief class, Cadena, a new Magician Lef race class, Illium, 4th episode for Dimensional Library and a new 5th area for Arcane River, Morass.

1st: Splash

  • Cadena's Pre-Creation Event
  • New Content: Spirit Saviour added in Arcana
  • Nova Early Bird / Pre-Related Events

2nd: Chain of Liberation, Cadena

3rd: History of Another Story

  • Dimensional Library New Episode 4, Bard of the Snow
  • Cadena 5th Job Skills added
  • 6 new 5th Job Skills added (1 Common, 5 Class Specific)
  • V Matrix Changes
  • QoL Improvements

4th: Wing of Light, Illium

  • New Class, Illium
  • New Grandis Region: Asylum
  • New System: Maple Achievement

5th: The Swamp of Memory, Morass

  • Arcane River’s 5th Area: The Swamp of Memory, Morass
  • Boss Papulatus Revamp
  • Boss Reward Reorganization
  • Character Balancing


Availability of MapleStory: Nova
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan Thailand
Available Unavailable Unavailable Nov 29 [1] Partial [2] January 17[3] Unavailable


  1. GMS. Retrieved 11 November 2017. All Nova pre-events will end by 28-29 November (across all time zones) in GMS.
  2. SEA. Retrieved 15 November 2017. Partial contents across all parts are released.
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