MapleStory You & I
You & I
Rising Heroes (GMS)
Parts: 3
Initial release: 2013-2014
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FLY Coordinator's Touch

You & I (KR:유앤아이 romanja: Yuaen-ai) (Rising Heroes in GlobalMS) is a MapleStory patch that involves revamps to combat; the Hero class Shade; and a new dungeon called The Seed.

Part 1: Origin

Level up animation You&I

New Level Up animation.

  • Maple Tutorial added. Displays recommended quests, training areas, and content in relation to the player's level. Only for players between levels 10 ~ 140.
  • Equipment scroll upgrade can now be performed with Spell Traces.
  • Training/Hunting:
    • All maps now have party play bonus.
    • Monsters have increased health and experience.
    • Player damage is now affected by their level difference to the monster.
    • Combo-Kill and Multi-Kill: Consecutive monster kills and killing multiple monsters simultaneously, respectively, grants bonus experience.
    • Runes may in field maps. Activating the rune via input command (direction keys) grants a buff to the user.
    • Killing many monsters in the same map may spawn an Elite Monster, a larger and more powerful variant of the normal monster.
      • Killing more monsters may spawn an Elite Boss, a unique enemy that despawns all monsters on the map and is accompanied by two Elite Monsters. Killing an Elite Boss will rain various items on the map.
    • Invincibility duration upon being hit was decreased.
  • Friends List:
    • UI has been simplified.
    • A buddy can now be set as an account buddy, who will appear on any character in an account. 
    • There is an option upon logging in that prevents buddies from seeing the player log in.
  • Animations:
    • Optional cascading damage effect.
    • New level up animation.
  • Equipment:
    • Certain equipment under level 100 now have set effects.
    • Equipment drop rate was decreased.
    • Identify potential fee was decreased.
    • Potential items that are dropped will have an effect that is colored, based on its rank of potential.
  • Other:
    • Most instant-KO skills success rates were lowered.
    • Victoria Island’s taxi is now free.
    • Consumable boxes and items that could not previously be placed onto the keyboard can now be placed on the keyboard. This includes event boxes and Honor badges. 
    • Zakum Party Quest is no longer mandatory to complete to fight Zakum.
    • Honor level was removed. Honor Experience is now used to reset Inner Ability.
    • Many Theme Dungeons, towns, and some dungeons were temporarily closed.
    • Party quest levels were adjusted.

Part 2: The Forgotten Hero Shade


The 6th Hero

Part 3: The Seed

Alice The Seed

Alice, the Transcendence of Life, creating The Seed


  • MapleSEA gets 'The Seed' along with 'Origin' in their first part update.
  • In GlobalMS, the update was not called You & I. The update was named "Rising Heroes", with 3 parts.


Availability of You & I
Korea Japan China Taiwan Global SEA
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