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MapleStory has many different servers around the world, all of which includes variations that other servers do not have and each server only allows players of the same region to play in.

Below is a list of MapleStory servers:

MapleStory Korea

MapleStory Korea (KR:메이플스토리 romanja: Meipeul Seutori), also known as KoreaMS or KMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves South Korea. Its primary language is Korean. KoreaMS  is owned and operated by NEXON Korea Co., Ltd..


World Scania KR World Bera KR Luna World Zenith KR World Croa KR World Union KR Elysium World Enosis KR World Red KR Aurora

Worlds (Tespia)

Test World

MapleStory Japan

MapleStory Japan (JP:メイプルストーリー romaji: Meipuru Sutōrī) , also known as JapanMS or JMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Japan. Its primary language is Japanese. JapanMS is owned and operated by NEXON JP Co. Ltd.. However, because of the tsunamis hitting northeastern Japan, JapanMS was temporarily closed on March 13 2011, but has resumed since March 24.


World Kaede JP
World Kurumi JP
World Yukari JP
World Sakura JP
World Azusa JP

MapleStory China

MapleStory China (CN:冒险岛 pinyin: Mào Xiǎn Dǎo), also known as ChinaMS or CMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves China. Its primary language is Simplified Chinese. ChinaMS is owned and operated by Shanda Games Ltd.


Gateway of Wind Gateway of Light Gateway of Clouds
Gateway of Darkness Gateway of Water


World Blue Snail CN World Shroom CN World Slime CN World Pig CN World Jr. Necki CN World Lorang CN
World Tortie CN World Octopus CN World Lupin CN World Star Pixie CN World Pepe CN World Yeti CN
World Stone Golem CN World Wild Cargo CN World Hector CN World White Rabbit CN World Drake CN World Fire Boar CN
World Ligator CN World Orange Mushroom CN

World Emerald CN World Black Crystal CN World Diamond CN World Topaz CN World Sapphire CN World Amethyst CN
World AquaMarine CN World Opal CN World Garnet CN World Moon Rock CN World Star Rock CN World Gold Plate CN
World Black Pearl CN World Cat's Eye Stone CN

World Maria CN World Alex CN World Cassandra CN World Yue Miao CN World Xing Yuan CN

World 7ed Blade CN

World Lith Harbor CN World Korean Folk Town CN World Ludibrium CN World Rien CN World The Secret Garden CN World Edel CN
World Stein CN World Ardentmill CN World Leafre CN World Elluhel CN World Aswan CN World Pantheon CN
World Mirror World CN

MapleStory Global

MapleStory Global, also known as GlobalMS or GMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves North America and Oceania, but it once served a global audience, excluding those from countries that already have their own version. Its language is English. GlobalMS is owned and operated by NEXON America Inc..


World Renegades GL
World Nova GL
World Chaos GL
World Arcania GL
World Zenith GL
World Elnido GL
World Galicia GL
World Demethus GL
World Yellonde GL
World Khadia GL
World Mardia GL
World Bellocan GL
World Khaini GL
World Windia GL
World Broa GL
World Bera GL
World Scania GL


MapleStorySEA (South East Asia), also known as MapleSEA or simply MSEA, is the version of MapleStory that serves Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Its primary language is English. MapleSEA is owned and operated by AsiaSoft Online Pte. Ltd..


Gateway Ares Gateway Artemis


World Jynarvis World Hercules
World Izar World Gemini
World Eridanus World Fornax
World Delphinus
World Cassiopeia
World Bootes
World Aquila

MapleStory Taiwan

MapleStory Taiwan (TW:新楓之谷 pinyin: Xīn Fēng Zhī Gǔ), also known as TaiwanMS or TMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Its primary language is Traditional Chinese. TaiwanMS is owned and operated by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.


World Time Goddess TW World Cygnus TW World King Sage Cat TW World Zeno TW World Nine-Tailed Fox TW World Leviathan TW
World Targa TW World Shinsoo TW World Pink Bean TW World Nautilus TW World Electrophant TW World Pianus TW
World Jr. Balrog TW World Fairy TW World Evil Eye TW World Stump TW World Octopus TW World Slime TW
World Blue Snail TW World Pig TW World Star Pixie TW World Orange Mushroom TW World Yeti TW

MapleStory Europe

MapleStory Europe, also known as EuropeMS or EMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Europe. Its languages are English, Dutch, and German. EuropeMS is owned and operated by NEXON Europe Limited.


World Kradia EU
World Demethos EU
World Supreme EU

MapleStory Indonesia

MapleStory Indonesia, also known as IndoMS or IMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Indonesia. Its primary language is Indonesian. IndoMS is owned and operated by Lytogame


World Scania ID

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