Picture Name Found in
NPC Coco Coco Ludibrium
NPC Tony Tony Ludibrium
NPC Marcel Marcel Ludibrium
NPC Patricia Patricia Ludibrium
NPC Geanie Geanie Ludibrium
NPC Robert Holly Robert Holly Ludibrium
NPC Seppy Seppy Ludibrium
NPC Eurek the Alchemist Eurek the Alchemist Ludibrium
NPC Maple Administrator Maple Administrator Ludibrium
NPC Pet Pigmy Pigmi the Summoner Ludibrium
NPC Etran's Information Board Etran's Information Board Ludibrium
NPC Duey Duey Ludibrium
-Image not available- Cryssea Ludibrium
NPC Ace of Hearts Ace of Hearts Ludibrium
NPC Cassandra Cassandra Ludibrium
NPC Gaga Gaga Ludibrium
NPC Dimensional Mirror Dimensional Mirror Ludibrium
NPC Nana Nana(K) Ludibrium
NPC Danger Zone Taxi Danger Zone Taxi Ludibrium
NPC Matilda Matilda Ludibrium
NPC Spiegelmann Spiegelmann Ludibrium
NPC Lea Lea Ludibrium
-Image not available- 막시무스 Ludibrium
NPC Grandpa Moon Bunny Grandpa Moon Bunny Ludibrium
-Image not available- 몬스터파크 셔틀 Ludibrium
NPC Miru Miru Ludibrium Weapon Store
NPC Hid Hid Ludibrium Weapon Store
NPC Misky Misky Ludibrium General Store
NPC Ellie Ellie Ludibrium Plastic Surgery
NPC Everton Everton Ludibrium Plastic Surgery
NPC Miyu Miyu Ludibrium Hair Salon
NPC Mini Mini Ludibrium Hair Salon
NPC Gina Gina Ludibrium Skin Care
NPC Weaver Weaver Ludibrium Pet Walkway
NPC Neru Neru Ludibrium Pet Walkway
NPC Mel Mel Ludibrium Ticketing Place
NPC Tian Tian Station <Orbis>
NPC Chico Chico Ludibrium Village
NPC Pi Pi Ludibrium Village
NPC Ice Piece Ice Piece Ludibrium Village
NPC Mason The Collector Mason the Collector Mason's House
-Image not available- Hiver Frog House
NPC Korin Korin Korin's House
NPC Nemi Nemi Manager Karl's House
NPC Tara Tara Tara and Sarah's House
NPC Sarah Sarah Tara and Sarah's House
NPC Document Roll Document Roll Chloe's House
NPC Wisp Wisp Eos Tower Entrance
NPC Tigun The Advisor Tigun the Advisor Eos Tower Entrance
-Image not available-
-Image not available-
-Image not available-
-Image not available-

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Maple Island

Maple IslandCoco Island

Victoria Island

HenesysFarmMushroom Castle
ElliniaEast ForestElluelEllinel
Kerning CityThe Secret GardenKerning Tower
Lith Harbor
SleepywoodRoot AbyssDark World Tree
NautilusGold Beach
EreveRienRiena StraitLumiere

El Nath Mts.

OrbisEl NathLion King's Castle

Aqua Road

AquariumTwisted Aqua Road

Ludus Lake

LudibriumKorean Folk TownEllin ForestFantasy Theme WorldOmega Sector

Nihal Desert

AriantMagatiaAzwanTower of Trials

Mu Lung Garden

Mu LungHerb TownGolden Temple

Minar Forest

LeafreStone ColossusKritias

Temple of Time

Temple of TimeLeafre of PastDimensional Schism
Gate to the Future: Henesys RuinsTwilight Perion
Arcane River: Vanishing JourneyChu Chu IslandLachelein





World Tour
Zipangu (Japan)

Mushroom ShrineShowa TownNinja CastleTokyo

The Far East (China)

ShanghaiMount SongShaolin Temple

Formosa (Taiwan)

XimendingNight Market


New Leaf CityCrimsonwood2022 NLC

Siam (Thailand)

Floating Market


CBDBoat Quay Town


Trend Zone MetropolisKampung Village



Mirror World

ShadowvaleZero's TempleLeafreAriantHenesysMu LungEdelsteinMagatiaLudibriumTemple of TimeKritias

Other / Event

ArborenAmoriaBlackgate CityGrand AthenaeumCrimsonheart CastleTynerumCommerci Republic
Free MarketArdentmillFree MarketMonster ParkStar PlanetEvent Hall

Party Quests

Spiegelmann's Guest HouseSharenian RuinsAmorian Challenge
Mu Lung DojoCrimsonwood KeepTynerum AltarDimension Invasion
Alien VisitorCross World Party Quest

Removed Areas

Florina BeachChryse
Sakura CastleNeo CityBattle SquareCoke TownFight for Azwan

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