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What are Nebulites?

Use alien technology to your benefit

Getting equipment with awesome stats is always a thrill, but base stats are just the beginning! You can turn awesome equipment into something truly heroic by using scrolls, enhancements, potentials, ancient alien technology, and even harnessing the frightening power of bosses! Read on to learn how you can take your equipment to the next level!

When aliens invaded the continent of Masteria, all of Maple World stood still in an attempt to figure out why. Come on, Masteria of all places? Ahem... anyway, it appears that they come in peace! Well not really, they laid waste to New Leaf City and the surrounding maps for years. But, they did bring their nebulites with them, and they were kind enough to teach us how these work after some interrogation. It was a WIN-WIN-WIN for us, we got to gain some awesome battle experience kicking them out of New Leaf City, have an absolute blast kicking some alien butt, and we got a fancy new system for improving our already awesome gear!


Nebulites are alien equipment, and as such they cannot be used on regular equipment. Lucky for you, someone else did all of the hard work to figure out how to use them on our gear! Bo, the Socket Master, has invented the Alien Socket Creator. This fancy doodad will add a socket to any piece of gear and will allow you to equip a nebulite on that equipment. It only costs 5,000 mesos too, Bo is practically giving them away. Alien Socket Creators can be purchased in all general stores in Maple World.

While Bo did a great job figuring out how to put nebulites on our gear, he fell short on figuring out how to get them back off. Alien technology can be clingy apparently. Nexon has managed to get their hands on some valuable Nebulite Diffusers through raiding the alien's crashed spaceship. However their supply is very limited, to keep it from running out we have placed these items in the Cash Shop. It is possible to remove a nebulite after using it on a piece of equipment, but it will require the use of NX, so make sure you are happy with the one you pick.

Nebulite Grades

Nebulites come in four different grades. Strangely enough, while the nebulites themselves are covered in an alien alphabet, the invading aliens were considerate enough to use our alphabet to grade them. A nebulite can be of grade D/C/B/A, with A nebulites being the most powerful of all. Unconfirmed rumors from some survivors of the first wave of the alien invasion talk about an even more powerful, grade S, nebulite. These nebulites supposedly are strong enough to grant extra skills to the aliens using them. So far though no one, not even Bo himself, has managed to find any evidence supporting this claim. Grade S nebulites may likely forever remain just a rumor from these defeated, broken hearted NPCs.

Fusing nebulites

As a mapler, you already know how to fuse nebulites. Look in your beginner skill tab. You can fuse any two nebulites together using this skill. Fusing D grade and C grade nebulits only costs a small amount of mesos, but if you want to fuse the more powerful B or A grade nebulites you must use Premium Fusion Tickets from the CS. Fusing two nebulites combines them into a new, random nebulite. If you happen to collect two that you don't like, simply fuse them into one that you do.

Fusing nebulites of the same grade even has a small chance of having their grade increase! But be careful, if you fuse two nebulites of different grades there is a small chance of the new nebulite being a lower grade than what you began with.

Nebulites can be a very powerful addition to your gear, especially if you have all of your gear outfitted with A grade nebulites. But these most powerful of nebulites are not always easy to come by. B and C grade nebulites can still be a very poweful addition to your equipment. They do come with a downside however. The alien technology refuses to play nicely with Clean Slate Scrolls, once you put a nebulite on a piece of equipment you will not be able to use a clean slate scroll on that equipment until you remove the nebulite.


Picture and Name Equipment it can be used on Effects

Picture and Name Equipment it can be used on Effects

Picture and Name Equipment it can be used on Effects

Picture and Name Equipment it can be used on Effects

Picture and Name Equipment it can be used on Effects

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