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Orchid was one of the Commanders of the Black Mage, the founder of the Black Wings and Lotus's twin sister.


Originally, Orchid and her brother were two shadow spirits who resided in Ellin Forest. They had some association with Guwaru, possibly his servants or disciples. After being found by the White Mage (before he was corrupted and became the Black Mage) he granted them human form and named them Orchid and Lotus; while Orchid was excited and happy with the gift, Lotus was more cautious, seeing disadvantages to it (which ironically, would come into play centuries later.)

Little is revealed of her role before he was defeated, but afterwards, the commanders scattered. Orchid reorganized the Black Mage's followers into a organization known as the Black Wings. However, the true purpose of the organization which its members do not know, was to revive her twin brother, Lotus, not the Black Mage.

Orchid first appears at the end of Mercedes' storyline, where she reveals to have sent her Black Wing agents to thwart the heroine's every turn. However, Orchid was defeated in the final confrontation and fled.


Lotus attacking Orchid

Much later, Orchid grew impatient with Gelimer's attempts to revive Lotus. The scientist finally removes Lotus from stasis, but he remains silent to Orchid's delight. Gelimer then reveals to have disabled Lotus' brain, leaving only his body and power functional to serve as his tool. Lotus then attacks Orchid and leaves her for dead, where she was later discovered by the Resistance. They take her back to their base, where they attempt to nurse Orchid back to health in order to interrogate her.

She appears briefly when the player starts the Evolution System quest line, which seems to take place shortly afterwards. After Claudine and the player investigate the ESS, Orchid wakes up and goes talk to it, thinking its Lotus. When it denies being such, but refuses to give her information, she threatens it, starting an argument which leads to it using a weapon, injuring her. However, when the player rushes in, it recognizes him/her as a registered user and stops. (The purpose is to show that the ESS is an evolving system capable of making decisions, with more potential than Gelimer intended.)

Orchid plays a pivotal role in the Black Heaven storyline. First, in Act One, the player uses magic provided by Grendel the Really Old to enter her memories and find out what the eponymous Black Heaven is, discovering information about her origins in the process.

In Act Four, she is "rescued" by Francis (who has a crush on her) from the Resistance headquarters, and leaves to attempt to regain leadership of the Black Wings, despite the loss of her powers. In Act Five, she confronts the player, angry about the intrusion into her mind, but forms a partnership when he/she is separated from his/her allies. However, Orchid abandons him/her later.

In the climax, after Lotus is defeated by the player and Gelimer kills him for failure, his last act is to give his power to his sister, which she generously uses to thwart the attack on Edelstein. Later, she aids the player, who is poisoned and dying from Gelimer's poison, in escaping the doomed Black Heaven, but after turning him/her over to Athena Pierce, refuses to go with them, preferring to go down with it.

The epilogue shows she is alive, speaking to Guwaru and requesting the true power of the Spirit of Darkness.

In FriendStory, Orchid's counterpart is a young pop star and a student at Shinsoo International School. Appearing egotistical and self-centered, she eventually confides in the player that it's a ruse to compensate for the death of her brother. (Lotus is not actually seen over the course of the story, and how he died in this reality is unclear.) She acts very tsundere toward the player and jokingly labels them as a "stalker" (as they were actually stalking her following a request from Francis), yet she allows them to call her whenever she isn't busy even for 30 days straight.


Nexon has commissioned author to draw Wing Master, which serves as a prologue of Black Heaven's story.

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