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Phantom (KR:팬텀) is one of the six heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is a world-renowned Thief. Using a Cane as a primary weapon and a Card as a secondary weapon, Phantom has the unique ability to copy skills from Explorers (excluding Zen) and monsters.


The world she believed in isn't dead yet. I won't let anyone bury her dreams!

― PhantomA century ago, he was famous among the wealthy merchants and noblemen. He deliberately left traces when stealing, and even then people did not even know who he was. They called him "Phantom".

Throughout Maple World, Phantom was honored. In the webtoon, his first meeting with Empress Aria ,the empress before Cygnus occurs during the time he inflitrated the castle trying to steal the great treasure of Ereve and accidentally got caught in a magic trap. However, Aria frees him from the trap as she sought for someone to talk to and helped him to escape from the guards. Eventually Phantom visits her on multiple occasions and both fell in love with each other. Through her, Phantom learns about the conference going to be held in Ereve, cheering her up with a rose and some words.

However, their relationship was short lived as Aria was killed by Lotus and Orchid as the conference was a trap set up by them and the Black Mage. Phantom ran to the place but was too late as he witnessed Aria dead and Shinsoo wounded, but manages to tell Phantom the trap and situation. This lead him to be devastated and vengeful over the Black Mage's actions.

Her death caused him to join the Heroes to take revenge on the Black Mage. He sought one of the heroes, Freud, for an invitation, and he was most welcome. As part of the promise made to Shinsoo, Phantom safekeeps the Skaia until the future empress was found.

He took Aria's life. He must pay. Mark my words, this world is not your playground. You have no place here. I'll see to that soon enough.

Phantom talking to Orchid after killing Lotus.

During the battle of the Heroes against the Black Mage, Phantom sought and mercilessly killed Lotus, who was assigned by the Black Mage to kill Aria. After getting his revenge, Phantom proceeded to fight the Black Mage.

After a fierce battle, he and the other five heroes sealed away the Black Mage and saved the Maple World. However, due to the curse inflicted by the Black Mage, all heroes except for Freud, who died in the battle, were trapped in ice and went into a deep sleep.

Hilla's Fake Skaia

Skaia did not glow in Cygnus's hands

A hundred years later, Phantom reawakens from the curse. He infiltrates Ereve, where a meeting is being held. Hilla, a commander of the Black Wings poses as an Empress by showing the crowd Skaia, a jewel said to glow in the hands of the Empress. However, it did not glow in Cygnus's. Luckily, Phantom comes to the rescue. He calls the Skaia held by Hilla a fake and destroys it, claiming that the real Skaia is in his hands. This causes Hilla to back off and flee from Ereve, although she tells him that the Maple World is already in "his" hands. Phantom then gives Cygnus the real Skaia and returns to the Lumiere.

A friend who loved the Maple World has come back to defend it and battle the Black Mage a second time. The Phantom Thief has returned.

Black Heaven

In the first blockbuster, he was seen in Orchid's memories as he killed Lotus in order to avenge Aria a century ago before departing to join the other heroes. If Phantom was played, there might be a remark on this memory.

His airship the Lumiere was used as the main form of military transportation for the alliance to take down the Black Wings and the air fortress 'Black Heaven'. He was part of the alliance in the war. After the Black Wings and Black Heaven was taken down, he was dismayed by the damages inflicted on his airship and the repair costs, with the other heroes assuring him.

Heroes of Maple

Phantom in Heroes of Maple

Phantom in Heroes of Maple

During the events in the blockbuster, Phantom was planning to steal the Jewel of Magatia but was interrupted by Evan and Mir's arrival, much to his annoyance. After Evan and Mir caused trouble on the streets in order to find Phantom, Phantom dragged Evan away to the highest tower, calling him a pain in his neck due to disrupting his plans. After learning the whole situation, Phantom refused at first, much to Evan's dismay. Evan wholeheartedly imparted his reasons before leaving, making Phantom comment about his stubborn streak. Leaving a message to his associates in the Lumiere, he calls a meeting after a century and witnessing Freud's trump card capabilities worthwhile before disappearing under the full moon.

In Act 2, he made his arrival in the ruins Abraxas along with Luminous to save Evan, Freud and Mercedes. During their fight against the monsters, he constantly quarrels with Luminous over how many monsters they have defeated. Under Evan's instructions, he copied Luminous skills to create another shadow to reveal a secret stairway for them to escape the ruins. Afterwards, the group holds off the Demon Army until Aran and Shade made their arrival, buying time for Evan to activate the airship for them to escape.

In Act 3, he attend a private party along with Mercedes to steal the Transcendence Stone. His good looks had attracted a visitor, causing her to follow him. He and Mercedes successfully get the access cards to the exhibit where the stone was kept, with Luminous acting as backup by shutting down the lights for an opening to bypass the visitor area. However, the same woman that was following him blows their cover, resulting in an alarm being sounded and a change in plans; steal the stone and run. Upon reaching the stone and Luminous briefly knocked out for a while, both got into the usual bickering before it escalates into a full scale fight. All 3 were defeated by Damien when he crash lands into the exhibit.

Heroes of Maple - Credits 3

Phantom, Mercedes and Luminous in the credits

In the credits, he was seen flirting with Mercedes in a party, much to her and Luminous annoyance, with a woman secretly taking a picture of him.


Wing Master

In the webtoon, his introduction was similar to his prologue, during the time he visits Aria to cheer her up for the upcoming conference. However, sensing someting wrong, he rushed to the location, but was too late as Aria was killed. He tries to find any signs of life within her, but realized that she's gone, even Shinshoo told him about the trap.

During the heroes's battle against the Black Mage, Freud and Phantom run through the hallways. Freud was able to do well physically despite his dragon partner Afrien flying outside the temple. When Freud brought up about Aria, Phantom changes the subject quickly, telling him that there's something he had to do and promises to catch up to him. Phantom then encounters Lotus, recognizing him as the one whom killed Aria. When Lotus calls him foolish of fighting the Black Mage just to avenge his love, Phantom finally snaps and gets serious in the battle. He manages to pierce Lotus with one of his blade skills, but a mistake of taking Lotus skill also damages him as Orchid stabs him. Despite his wounds, Phantom manages to surive before the curse took effect. 

Job Advancements

Second Job

Upon reaching level 30, accept Phantom's quest, then head over to the hidden portal at the top right of Cloud Park II and destroy the lock. Enter the room and click on the portrait to achieve the job advancement. If the lock is not destroyed, the player can't get Without a Trace medal.

Third Job

Upon reaching level 60, accept Phantom's quest, then head over to the hidden portal at Tent of the Entertainers and defeat all the Dust Dwarfs before entering the room. Click on the treasure chest to achieve the job advancement.

Fourth Job

Upon reaching level 100, accept Phantom's quest, then head over to the hidden portal at Peach Monkey Forest and defeat Guardioso. Click on the painting of Aria to job advance.



  • Like Mercedes, the Black Mage's curse did not wipe Phantom's memory.
  • Phantom is the only hero whose introduction did not take place centuries ago.
  • In MapleStory Korea, he was voted first in the following polls:[1]
    • 'The best duo in Heroes of Maple' along with Luminous.
    • 'Who is the best fashionista' in Act 3 of the second blockbuster.
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