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Temple of Time

Piece of Time
Etc Piece of Time
Description A raw ore of a gem that contains the power of time.
Type Ore
Max per slot 1,000
Sold for 2,000 meso
Used to craft None
Dropped by
Notes None

Von Bon

Piece of Time
Use Piece of Time
Description This fragment contains the energy of Chaos Von Bon. If you collect 5 and double-click to use it, you can get a Lv. 150 Eagle Eye Top by selecting 1.
Effects With 5, select one of the following:
Max per slot 1,000
Dropped by Chaos Von Bon
Tradeability Untradeable
Sold for Cannot be sold
Notes None

Mirror World

Piece of Time
Etc Deep Buffoon's Rock Piece
Description You know how people always wish for more time? Well, here's your chance!
Max per slot 200
Sold for 332 meso
Dropped by Deep Buffoon
Tradeability Tradeable
Notes None
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