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[Silent Crusade] Dark Energy Rising
NPC Lora
Category Silent Crusade
Available Silent Crusader Lora is waiting at Isolated Swamp in the Herb area.
In Progress Help Lora investigate the Mystic Gate at Isolated Swamp in the Herb area and eliminate King Centipede to dissipate the Dark Energy in the area.
Completed You eliminated King Centipede, but the next mission will be even tougher.

Lv. 100+, [Silent Crusade] A Leafre-y Problem quest now available.
  1. Talk to Lora by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Eliminate King Centipede.
  3. Talk to Lora in Isolated Swamp.
Rewards BasicReward
194,770 EXP
Etc Crusader Coins Crusader Coins x 7
Use Potent Crusader Saver Potent Crusader Saver x 70
Use Potent Crusader Refresher Potent Crusader Refresher x 70

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