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Investigating the Package
NPC Ryden
Category Dual Blade
Available Ryden wants to look into a few more things regarding the Dark Lord
In Progress Ryden wants to know the details about the package the Dark Lord gets every week. Go see Duey, wait, no, Huey, who handles the deliveries. Go to Perion and talk to Huey. Stealthily snatch the contents of the Delivery Package and return to The Secret Garden

Etc Dark Lord's DeliveryDark Lord's Delivery #c4033180#/1
Completed You snuck out the contents of the Delivery Package to bring to Ryden and it's...a history book? What could the Dark Lord want with so many history books?!
  1. Talk to Ryden by clicking on the light-bulb.
  2. Obtain 1 Dark Lord's Delivery.
  3. Talk to Ryden again.
Rewards BasicReward
3,010 EXP
Etc Dark Lord's Delivery Dark Lord's Delivery -1

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