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Stealing the Goods
NPC Duey
Category Dual Blade
Available Steal the Dark Lord's Delivery Package from Huey the Delivery Boy in Perion.
In Progress Huey, the delivery boy, thinks he lost the Dark Lord's Delivery Package amongst the Wild Boars. Head over to the Wild Boar Land north of Perion and eliminate Wild Boars until you find the Delivery Package Box.

Etc Lost in Transit BoxLost in Transit Box #c4033181#/10
Completed You've successfully retrieved the contents of the Dark Lord's Delivery Package.
  1. Talk to Huey in Perion.
  2. Obtain 10 Lost in Transit Boxs from Wild Boar.
  3. Talk to Huey again.
Rewards BasicReward
Etc Dark Lord's Delivery Dark Lord's Delivery x 1
Etc Lost in Transit Box Lost in Transit Box -10

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