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Fake Doll
NPC Matthias
Category Cygnus Knights
Available Agent Matthias of Kerning City found a new information he'd like to share with me.
In Progress Matthias tells you that the dolls inside the trashcan are fake and that the real dolls may have already been absorbed by Bubblings. He wants you to defeat 50 Bubblings and bring back 10 Bubbling Dolls.

Bubbling #a207111#
Etc Bubbling Doll 2 Bubbling Doll #c4032137# / 10
Completed I was able to eliminate the Bubblings and bring back Bubbling Dolls to Matthias.
  1. Talk to Matthias in Kerning City.
  2. Eliminate 50 Bubblings and obtain 10 Bubbling Dolls.
  3. Talk to Matthias again.
Rewards BasicReward
322 EXP
Etc Bubbling Doll 2 Bubbling Doll -10

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