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A Gift for the Test Subject 1
NPC Wendelline
Category Resistance
Available Wendelline may look like just another Assistant Plastic Surgeon, but she's actually in charge of mending wounds and healing the Resistance. She has something to ask you, so head over to the Underground Base.
In Progress Wendelline says Vita's medicine has helped her focus on taking care of her patients. She is so grateful that she would like to give a present to Vita to thank her. Collect the ingredients that are required for the present. You can find Streetlight Tendrils by hunting Streetlights in Streetlight Row.

Etc Streetlight Tendril Streetlight Tendril #c4032746# / 10
Completed Wendelline began to make a present for Vita, so you gave her a few moments.
  1. Talk to Wendelline in Training Room Entrance.
  2. Obtain 10 Streetlight Tendrils from Streetlight.
  3. Talk to Wendelline again.
Rewards BasicReward
3,200 EXP
Etc Streetlight Tendril Streetlight Tendril -10
Eqp Brown Marker Brown Marker x 1 (if Magician)
Eqp Green Marker Green Marker x 1 (if Magician)
Eqp Red Lutia Red Lutia x 1 (if Bowman)
Eqp Blue Lutia Blue Lutia x 1 (if Bowman)
Eqp Yellow Tartis Yellow Tartis x 1 (if Pirate)

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