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Abuses of the Black Wings
NPC Surl
Category Resistance
Available The group of thieves dropped a strange item, a Black Wing Medal... Very suspicious. Perhaps Surl knows why the thieves were carrying a Black Wing Medal.
In Progress Surl was surprised and upset to see the Black Wing Medal. In fact, Surl is enraged, demanding that you rush over to the Underground Base and show the Black Wing Medal to Claudine.
Completed Claudine was furious and said that the Black Wings were probably disguising themselves as thieves to steal from people.
  1. Talk to Surl in Edelstein.
  2. Obtain 1 Black Wing Medal from Suspicious Thief.
  3. Talk to Claudine in Secret Plaza.
Rewards BasicReward
4,200 EXP
Eqp Secret Organization Temporary Member Black Wing Medal -1

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