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Basics of Being Part of the Resistance: Transformation and Camouflage
NPC Claudine (2)
Category Resistance
Available The <girl> in <underground> that Surl is talking about must be Claudine at the Underground Base. Find Claudine and explain Surl's situation.
In Progress After listening to what you had to say, Claudine said Surl can't leave for supplies due to the surveillance of the Black Wings. So, she suggests that you create an alibi for Surl. You will have to disguise yourself as Surl and talk to watchman Bavan. Claudine offers to make you a potion that can help you transform, but you need to bring her some ingredients first.

Use Red Potion Red Potion #c2000000# / 10
Use Blue Potion Blue Potion #c2000003# / 10
Use Acorn Acorn #c2022712# / 3
Completed You received the transformation potion from Claudine, who said you can transform into Surl by drinking it.
  1. Talk to Claudine in Secret Plaza.
  2. Obtain 10 Red Potions, 10 Blue Potions and 3 Acorns.
  3. Talk to Claudine again.
Rewards BasicReward
Use Red Potion Red Potion -10
Use Blue Potion Blue Potion -10
Use Surl Transformation Potion Surl Transformation Potion x 1
Use Acorn Acorn -3