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Protecting Surl
NPC Surl
Category Resistance
Available Surl, a Resistance supporter, is in danger and could be attacked by the Black Wings any minute now! Hurry and rescue Surl! Go to Neglected Park, behind Edelstein Park 2's Observation Binoculars.
In Progress The Black Wings have begun attacking Surl! During the given time, you must protect Surl from the Black Wings. Defeat all nearby members of the Black Wings and prevent Surl from getting injured.
Completed You were successful in protecting Surl. Surl thanked you and said that with people like you to stand up to the Black Wings, peace is imminent.
  1. Talk to Surl in Neglected Park.
  2. Protect Surl for 3 minutes.
  3. Talk to Surl again.
Rewards BasicReward
10,000 EXP

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