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Magnus's Plan
Character Self
Category Angelic Buster
Available You obtained some information on Magnus from the priests at the Heretic Temple, but you could use some more. Angelic Detective... ACTIVATE!
In Progress Go back into the depths of the Heretic Temple and see if you can get some more information on Magnus. Return to Cartalion in Pantheon when you have it.
Completed Magnus’s army is in worse shape than they’d like to think, and he seems afraid to admit it to Darmoor. Cartalion was thrilled to hear the news.
  1. Click on the light-bulb above your head.
  2. Eliminate all 4 Heretic Priests at Heretical Cleric Chambers.
  3. Talk to Cartalion in Pantheon.
Rewards BasicReward
23,000 EXP
Unlocked Quest(s) Another World