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Relic Reclamation Rumble
Character Self
Category Angelic Buster
Available You found the Nefarious Priests' base. What’s a girl to do?
In Progress You have to reclaim the West Sanctum Relic, and get it back to Cartalion at the Pantheon. One of the jerks in this place should have it...
Completed Cartalion seemed surprised to see you with the relic, but he’s offered to put it back and recast a protective barrier. Maybe it really isn’t too late!
  1. Click on the light-bulb above your head.
  2. Obtain 1 West Sanctum Relic from Nefarious Priest.
  3. Talk to Cartalion in Pantheon.
Rewards BasicReward
11,000 EXP
Etc West Sanctum Relic West Sanctum Relic -1
Use White Potion White Potion x 50

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